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Accepting God’s Will as Ours

God’s Will is that you are His Son. By denying this you deny your own will, and therefore do not know what it is. You must ask what God’s Will is in everything, because it is yours. You do not know what it is, but the Holy Spirit remembers it for you. Ask Him, therefore, what God’s Will is for you, and He will tell you yours. It cannot be too often repeated that you do not know [your true will]. Whenever what the Holy Spirit tells you appears to be coercive, it is only because you have not recognized your will.

The projection of the ego makes it appear as if God’s Will is outside yourself, and therefore not yours. In this interpretation it seems possible for God’s Will and yours to conflict. God, then, may seem to demand of you what you do not want to give, and thus deprive you of what you want. Would God, Who wants only your will, be capable of this? Your will is His life, which He has given to you. Even in time you cannot live apart from Him. Sleep is not death. What He created can sleep, but cannot die. Immortality is His Will for His Son, and His Son’s will for himself. God’s Son cannot will death for himself because his Father is life, and His Son is like Him. Creation is your will because it is His. (A Course in Miracles, T-11.I.8:3-9:11. See also ACIM Text Q & A.)

The fear of God is the fear of Love. The fear of God is the fear of our Self because our Self is one with God and shares His Will. While we identify with an image of our self that is separate from God, our will is unknown to us. And so we go about mindlessly searching for meaning and fulfillment in a world where it cannot be found.

This is why we must ask of God’s Voice, “What is God’s Will for me?” This is actually asking, “What is my will?” The ego thought system is only an empty wish to be different and therefore in conflict with God. This could only seem to occur in imagination. Thankfully God has given us His Voice to lead us to the recognition of our will which we share with Him.

Today we practice asking the Holy Spirit in everything, “What is God’s Will for me?” This is the path to happiness, peace and eternal life.

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