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Accepting Holy Spirit’s Loving Correction

If you point out the errors of your brother’s ego you must be seeing through yours, because the Holy Spirit does not perceive his errors. This must be true, since there is no communication between the ego and the Holy Spirit. The ego makes no sense, and the Holy Spirit does not attempt to understand anything that arises from it. Since He does not understand it, He does not judge it, knowing that nothing the ego makes means anything.

When you react at all to errors, you are not listening to the Holy Spirit. He has merely disregarded them, and if you attend to them you are not hearing Him. If you do not hear Him, you are listening to your ego and making as little sense as the brother whose errors you perceive. This cannot be correction. Yet it is more than merely a lack of correction for him. It is the giving up of correction in yourself.

When a brother behaves insanely, you can heal him only by perceiving the sanity [Son of God] in him.

To perceive errors in anyone, and to react to them as if they were real, is to make them real to you.

Your brother’s errors are not of him, any more than yours are of you. Accept his errors as real, and you have attacked yourself. If you would find your way and keep it, see only truth [the Son of God] beside you for you walk together. The Holy Spirit in you forgives all things in you and in your brother. His errors are forgiven with yours. (A Course in Miracles, T-9.III.3:1-5:1;6:7;7:1-5. See also ACIM Text Q & A.)

If the Holy Spirit doesn’t understand the ego, it must certainly be a waste of time for us to try to understand it. Insanity makes no sense, and the ego is insane, being the denial of all that is Real. While we identify with the ego, we will see the ego thought system acted out everywhere.

The lesson we need to learn is to offer all our perceptions to the Holy Spirit for His correction. On our own we cannot correct ourselves. But He will help us overlook the insanity and show us the Son of God that is in everyone, including ourselves. This is the gift of forgiveness the Holy Spirit holds out to us. As we learn to overlook the ego, we remember that we are Love as Love created us. We return to the peace and joy of God.

Today we welcome the Holy Spirit’s correction of our perceptions, for we want to remember Love.

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