Daily Inspiration

Accepting Our Unity with Love

Seek and find His message in the holy instant, where all illusions are forgiven. From there the miracle extends to bless everyone and to resolve all problems, be they perceived as great or small, possible or impossible. There is nothing that will not give place to Him and to His Majesty. To join in close relationship with Him is to accept relationships as real, and through their reality to give over all illusions for the reality of your relationship with God. Praise be to your relationship with Him and to no other. The truth lies there and nowhere else. You choose this or nothing.

Forgive us our illusions, Father, and help us to accept our true relationship with You, in which there are no illusions, and where none can ever enter. Our holiness is Yours. What can there be in us that needs forgiveness when Yours is perfect? The sleep of forgetfulness is only the unwillingness to remember Your forgiveness and Your Love. Let us not wander into temptation, for the temptation of the Son of God is not Your Will. And let us receive only what You have given, and accept but this into the minds which You created and which You love. Amen. (A Course in Miracles,T-16.VII.11-12. See also ACIM Text Made Simple.)

The dream of a world of separation is an attempt to limit Love. Since Love cannot be limited, this dream is the denial of Love.

To wake up from the dream, we need to let go of (forgive) the belief in separation and accept our true relationship with God. In truth, we remain united with our Creator. All His Love, His joy and His peace are ours. This relationship can never be broken because it is the Law of Love.

In every moment we choose between the “gifts” of the ego, which are meaningless, empty forms (illusions), and God’s eternal gifts of all that is real. We choose between nothing and everything. The temptation to believe the world offers something of value is strong because we have taught ourselves that the dream is real. Now it is time to turn to God’s Teacher within for help to see past the meaningless illusions and accept our unity with Love.

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