Daily Inspiration

Bringing Healing to Ourselves and the World

[The body] can be seen as not your home, but merely as an aid to help you reach the home where God abides.

With this as purpose is the body healed. It is not used to witness to the dream of separation and disease.

Your home is built upon your brother’s health, upon his happiness, his sinlessness, and everything his Father promised him. …It is an ark of safety, resting on God’s promise that His Son is safe forever in Himself. What gap can interpose itself between the safety of this shelter and its Source? From here the body can be seen as what it is, and neither less nor more in worth than the extent to which it can be used to liberate God’s Son unto his home. And with this holy purpose is [the body] made a home of holiness a little while, because it shares your Father’s Will with you. (A Course in Miracles, T-28.VII.3:6-4:2;7:1,5-8. See also ACIM Text Q & A.)

The Course tells us to ask of everything, “What is this for?” What we decide anything is for determines whether it is used to maintain the illusion of separation or it is used on behalf of recognizing our oneness with our Source and all that is. If the body is used to maintain belief in separation, it will be sick because the mind that believes in separation is sick. But a sick mind is nothing more than a belief in a false idea. Beliefs can be changed, so a sick mind can be healed.

As we learn to recognize the perceptions based on belief in separation, we can take those perceptions to the Holy Spirit in our minds. He will show us what is false and what is true. No one believes in something accepted to be untrue.

The Holy Spirit’s lessons that teach us to recognize what is untrue help us let go of false beliefs. The practice of asking Holy Spirit of everything, “Help me see this as You see it,” helps us learn to see the Holy Spirit’s purpose which always unifies. It is a way we can use the body as a means to bring unity to the world and awaken to our Home in God. By this practice we teach the world by our demonstration that in truth, we are one, united together in our Source. We bring healing to ourselves and to the world.

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