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Exchanging Guilt for Eternal Joy

Delay does not matter in eternity, but it is tragic in time. You have elected to be in time rather than eternity, and therefore believe you are in time. Yet your election is both free and alterable. You do not belong in time. Your place is only in eternity, where God Himself placed you forever.

Guilt feelings are the preservers of time. They induce fears of retaliation or abandonment, and thus ensure that the future will be like the past. This is the ego’s continuity. [Guilt] gives the ego a false sense of security by believing that you cannot escape from it. But you can and must. God offers you the continuity of eternity in exchange. When you choose to make this exchange, you will simultaneously exchange guilt for joy, viciousness for love, and pain for peace. My role is only to unchain your will and set it free. Your ego cannot accept this freedom, and will oppose it at every possible moment and in every possible way. And as [the ego’s] maker, you recognize what it can do because you gave it the power to do it.

Remember the Kingdom always, and remember that you who are part of the Kingdom cannot be lost. The Mind that was in me is in you, for God creates with perfect fairness [equality]. Let the Holy Spirit remind you always of His fairness, and let me teach you how to share [equality] with your brothers. (A Course in Miracles, T-5.VI.1:3-3:3. See also ACIM Text Made Simple.)

Guilt is what makes the world seem to spin in time. It makes the past seem real and capable of having an effect on the future. If guilt is real, then retaliation or abandonment must follow in the future and fear is justified. This is accepted as reality in the world. We do not question the basic premise this “reality” is based on — the belief that separation is real.

But this belief is untrue and therefore our experience of a world of separation and guilt is not real. This is the message the Holy Spirit was given us to teach us that we remain at one in the eternal, changeless Mind of God. As we accept His lessons, we exchange “guilt for joy, viciousness for love, and pain for peace.” We accept our true Will, which we share with God and all our brothers equally.

Today we practice accepting the Holy Spirit’s interpretation of all our perceptions that we may learn to exchange the ego’s “will” for God’s Will.

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