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From Belief in Death to Acceptance of Life

Death is the symbol of the fear of God. His Love is blotted out in the idea, which holds [Love] from awareness like a shield held up to obscure the sun. The grimness of the symbol is enough to show [death] cannot coexist with God.

The “reality” of death is firmly rooted in the belief that God’s Son is a body. And if God created bodies, death would indeed be real. But God would not be loving.

Without the idea of death there is no world. All dreams will end with this one. This is salvation’s final goal; the end of all illusions. And in death are all illusions born.

Teacher of God, your one assignment could be stated thus: Accept no compromise in which death plays a part. Do not believe in cruelty, nor let attack conceal the truth from you. What seems to die has but been misperceived and carried to illusion. Now it becomes your task to let the illusion be carried to the truth. Be steadfast but in this; be not deceived by the “reality” of any changing form. Truth neither moves nor wavers nor sinks down to death and dissolution. And what is the end of death? Nothing but this; the realization that the Son of God is guiltless now and forever. Nothing but this. But do not let yourself forget it is not less than this. (A Course in Miracles,M-27.3:1-3;5:1-3;6:3-6;7:1-10)

The Course says in many ways that if anything changes, it is not real, for Love is changeless. In the world death is the ultimate indicator of change. So death must be unreal. If we look honestly at all the forms in the world, it is obvious that they all are representations of death. Nothing is changeless in the world. Everything starts to age and decay the moment it is made. Not even the hardest rock is immune to change.

Our belief in this makes the existence of a loving, changeless Creator and His changeless Creation seem farfetched and impossible to believe. This is why the Course’s goal is the complete reversal of our thought system from our belief in death to acceptance that we remain only changeless Love as Love created us. The moment we chose to believe in separation (death) we were given the Teacher to guide us back to the remembrance of our true Self, God’s loving extension of Himself.

The Love we are was never lost. It is only hidden by our belief that separation and death are real. The daily moment-by-moment practice of letting Holy Spirit show us the truth of changeless Love beyond all our perceptions will set us free. The illusion of fear and death fades away as we accept the Light of Love that is eternally present. Today we remember to choose the Holy Spirit as our Guide.

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