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From Fear to Love, Guilt to Innocence

Trusting [the truth in] your brothers is essential to establishing and holding up your faith in your ability to transcend doubt and lack of sure conviction in yourself. When you attack a brother, you proclaim that he is limited by what you have perceived in him. You do not look beyond his errors. Rather, they are magnified, becoming blocks to your awareness of the Self that lies beyond your own mistakes, and past his seeming sins as well as yours.

Perception has a focus. It is this that gives consistency to what you see. Change but this focus, and what you behold will change accordingly. Your vision now will shift, to give support to the intent which has replaced the one you held before. Remove your focus on your brother’s sins, and you experience the peace that comes from faith in sinlessness. This faith receives its only sure support from what you see in others past their sins. For their mistakes, if focused on, are witnesses to sins in you. And you will not transcend their sight and see the sinlessness that lies beyond.

Therefore, in practicing today, we first let all such little focuses give way to our great need to let our sinlessness become apparent. We instruct our minds that it is this we seek, and only this, for just a little while. …We seek for innocence and nothing else. (A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 181, W-pI.181.1-3:2,5. See also ACIM Lesson 181 Insights.)

If we want to be free of fear and guilt, we must shift our focus away from separation and sin to the oneness of Love. This means we must focus on accepting the Holy Spirit’s vision, which is the vision of our true Self. Our true Self is Love and nothing else, so It sees only Love in every brother.

Love is changeless and it is this that makes it worthy of our trust. As we learn to see with this vision, we recognize the trustworthy in every brother and learn that it is also in us. To focus on the Truth, we must let go of all thoughts of the past. Memories of the past are the ego’s defense against awakening to Love in the present moment.

As we shift our focus to the present moment, the Holy Spirit will help us let go of the past (forgive) and see the radiant Light of Love that shines everywhere in the eternal present. As we see this, we know we are safe and innocent in the Love of our Creator.

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