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Learning the Peace of God Is Ours

When the mind is split there is a need of healing. So the Thought [Holy Spirit] that has the power to heal the split became a part of every fragment of the mind that still was one, but failed to recognize its oneness. Now it did not know itself, and thought its own Identity was lost.

Salvation is undoing in the sense that it does nothing, failing to support the world of dreams and malice.  Thus it lets illusions go. By not supporting them, it merely lets [illusions] quietly go down to dust. And what they hid is now revealed; an altar to the holy Name of God whereon His Word is written, with the gifts of your forgiveness laid before it, and the memory of God not far behind.

Let us come daily to this holy place, and spend a while together. Here we share our final dream.  It is a dream in which there is no sorrow, for it holds a hint of all the glory given us by God. (A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 231,W-pII.2.2:3-4:3. See also ACIM Lesson 231 Insights.)

Salvation undoes the illusion of separation by not supporting it. Illusions only seem real because we support them with our belief. Without belief illusions fade and disappear.

This is what the Course means when it tells us we need do nothing. We need to stop supporting illusions with our belief that separation is real. As we let go of our mistaken beliefs by letting the Holy Spirit show us the changeless Love hidden behind our made up images of separation, we remember our true Identity as God’s Love. With this we remember our Creator and remember the peace of God given us in our Creation.

The practice of letting Holy Spirit be our Guide in each moment is how we free ourselves from the ego thought system and recognize our one Self that is God’s Son.

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