Daily Inspiration

Letting Love Guide Us Always

All healing is release from the past. That is why the Holy Spirit is the only Healer. He teaches that the past does not exist, a fact which belongs to the sphere of knowledge, and which therefore no one in the world can know.

His message speaks of timelessness in time, and that is why Christ’s vision looks on everything with love. Yet even Christ’s vision is not His reality. The golden aspects of reality that spring to light under His loving gaze are partial glimpses of the Heaven that lies beyond them.

This is the miracle of creation; that it is one forever. Every miracle you offer to the Son of God is but the true perception of one aspect of the whole. Though every aspect is the whole, you cannot know this until you see that every aspect is the same, perceived in the same light and therefore one. Everyone seen without the past thus brings you nearer to the end of time by bringing healed and healing sight into the darkness, and enabling the world to see. For light must come into the darkened world to make Christ’s vision possible even here. Help Him to give His gift of light to all who think they wander in the darkness, and let Him gather them into His quiet sight that makes them one. (A Course in Miracles, T-13.VIII.1:1-3;4:4-5:6. See also ACIM Text Made Simple.)

It is helpful to realize that in this world it is impossible to know that the past does not exist. The foundation of everything in this world is the belief there really is a past. The Answer to our choice to believe in the past is the Holy Spirit. His function is to help us see beyond appearances of separation to the eternal Presence of Love with Christ’s vision.

As we practice stepping back from our perceptions and accepting Christ’s vision in their place, we learn True Perception. True Perception shows us the Love that is the truth in every brother. At first, we learn to apply Christ’s vision to the appearance of an individual. Then we apply it to another and another.

Each time we experience this healing vision, our perception of everyone becomes more free of illusions from the past. With practice, the individual lessons learned generalize. We more easily see the unified, eternal Love beyond appearances in the world. The Light of Love becomes our preferred Guide in place of the darkness of the ego’s denial of the Light.

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