Daily Inspiration

Making Way for Truth to Enter Our Minds

The process of Atonement is an undoing or correction of all the falsity, the illusion, that clouds your holy mind. The Holy Spirit guides this process in time; through your willingness and your surrender, your mind is made empty and free of all that has inspired it for so long. Into this empty and purified mind, the Truth will come and claim Its own.

Your one responsibility is to accept Atonement for yourself. In this one act of acceptance, the acceptance of your one responsibility, is awakening assured; everything necessary for it to occur is included in that single declaration of allegiance. This acceptance, which is all inclusive, is repeated again and again throughout the day, day after day, as you learn to choose Truth over illusion. Your task and your constant focus is to remember this responsibility; the continuous false activity of your mind requires a constant vigilance and a consistent response to be undone. (From the Christ Mind, p. 177-178)

Do we want our inspiration to come from the thought system of limitation, separation, guilt and fear, or do we want our inspiration to come from unlimited Love, recognition of innocence and knowing oneness? We make this choice in every moment; it is the choice between the illusion of separation and the Reality of the Self that Love created us to be. We have identified with the ego thought system for so long that we believe it is ours and that it is true.

We must be willing to relinquish all that we have believed to be true to make way for the inspiration of our true Self to show us the way to forgiveness and Truth. This is why the early lessons of A Course in Miracles teach us that we do not know what anything means. Remembering this opens our mind to our true Self’s lessons in Love. This is our focus today.

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