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Our Mighty Companion Leads Us Home

God is but Love, and therefore so am I.

This Self alone knows Love. This Self alone is perfectly consistent in Its Thoughts; knows Its Creator, understands Itself, is perfect in Its knowledge and Its Love, and never changes from Its constant state of union with Its Father and Itself.”

…this remains our goal, and as we practice it is this to which we are approaching. Let us raise our hearts from dust to life, as we remember this is promised us, and that this course was sent to open up the path of light to us, and teach us, step by step, how to return to the eternal Self we thought we lost.

I take the journey with you. For I share your doubts and fears a little while, that you may come to me who recognize the road by which all fears and doubts are overcome. We walk together. I must understand uncertainty and pain, although I know they have no meaning. Yet a savior must remain with those he teaches, seeing what they see, but still retaining in his mind the way that led him out, and now will lead you out with him. (A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 171, W-pI.V.in.4:3-5:5. See also ACIM Review V Insights.)

God’s promise is that we remain as He created us, unchanged, united with His Love, His peace and His joy. We have a mighty Companion Who walks with us to guide us on our journey of remembering. He has taken this journey before us and understands what we need to remember our true Self as What we are.

With such support we can be confident that we will find our way Home. We need only do the practice set out for us, confident that it is given us by One Who knows the way that is in our best interest. We do not need to understand how the practice works. We need only be willing to commit to the practice moment by moment.  It is the path to happiness, perfect peace and eternal Love.

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