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Remembering the Love We Are

You are at home in God, dreaming of exile but perfectly capable of awakening to reality. Is it your decision to do so? You recognize from your own experience that what you see in dreams you think is real while you are asleep. Yet the instant you waken you realize that everything that seemed to happen in the dream did not happen at all. You do not think this strange, even though all the laws of what you awaken to were violated while you slept. Is it not possible that you merely shifted from one dream to another, without really waking?

Would you bother to reconcile what happened in conflicting dreams, or would you dismiss both together if you discovered that reality is in accord with neither? You do not remember being awake. When you hear the Holy Spirit you may feel better because loving then seems possible to you, but you do not remember yet that [loving] once was so. And it is in this remembering that you will know [loving] can be so again. What is possible has not yet been accomplished. Yet what has once been is so now, if it is eternal. When you remember [awaken], you will know that what you remember is eternal, and therefore is now.” (A Course in Miracles, T-10.I.2-3. See also ACIM Text Made Simple.)

The world we experience through the body is unreliable. We may have circumstances we like but we cannot count on them lasting. Things seemingly beyond our control can happen that threaten the happiness we seek. This changeability is a telltale sign that what we are experiencing is a dream.

Truth is eternal and changeless. What changes cannot be real. The comparison of what we experience in the world with dreaming helps us see that there is an alternative. We are not stuck in the dream but can awaken to the eternal Love that we are in God. To awaken we need to recognize we are dreaming.

As we practice asking the Holy Spirit for His interpretation of our perceptions, with willingness to exchange His for ours, we learn to let go of the dream that truly offers us nothing that we really want. We want the peace of God. We want to experience the joy that comes with being and extending God’s Love.

Today let us be vigilant for Love. Let us practice in our experiences throughout the day pausing and asking for help to see as Love sees. Let us practice answering calls for Love with Love. This practice will bring Light into our dream and lead us to awaken to the fact that in truth we are already eternally Home in God.

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