Daily Inspiration

Reuniting with Our One Self

A dream of judgment came into the mind that God created perfect as Himself. And in that dream was Heaven changed to hell, and God made enemy unto His Son. How can God’s Son awaken from the dream? It is a dream of judgment. So must he judge not, and he will waken. For the dream will seem to last while he is part of it. Judge not, for he who judges will have need of idols, which will hold the judgment off from resting on himself. Nor can he know the Self he has condemned. Judge not, because you make yourself a part of evil dreams, where idols are your “true” identity, and your salvation from the judgment laid in terror and in guilt upon yourself.

Forgiving dreams remind you that you live in safety and have not attacked yourself. So do your childish terrors melt away, and dreams become a sign that you have made a new beginning, not another try to worship idols and to keep attack. Forgiving dreams are kind to everyone who figures in the dream. And so they bring the dreamer full release from dreams of fear. He does not fear his judgment for he has judged no one, nor has sought to be released through judgment from what judgment must impose. And all the while he is remembering what he forgot, when judgment seemed to be the way to save him from its penalty. (A Course in Miracles, T-29.IX.2;3. See also ACIM Text Q & A.)

We judge what seems to be outside ourselves (idols). But because we were created as One Self as God’s Son, when we seem to judge another, we are really judging our One Self. This brings with it fear and guilt. To hide from this fear and guilt, we make up a dream world of forms that can be the target of our judgments. But this does not really free us from guilt because judgment maintains the dream of separation. The key to freedom is letting go of all judgment. One thought of judgment brings with it Self condemnation.

The real world is perceived when forgiveness is complete; when all judgment has been laid down. Today we practice offering all our judgments to the Holy Spirit for His kind and loving correction. He will help us see the truth of the one Self beyond the judgment. With His guidance, we will move to the happy dream of true forgiveness that brings us to the gate of Heaven, reuniting with our one Self.

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