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The Choice for Happiness and Peace

Everyone here has entered darkness, yet no one has entered it alone. Nor need he stay more than an instant. For he has come with Heaven’s Help within him, ready to lead him out of darkness into light at any time. The time he chooses can be any time, for help is there, awaiting but his choice. And when he chooses to avail himself of [this help that] is given him, then will he see each situation that he thought before was means to justify his anger turned to an event which justifies his love. He will hear plainly that the calls to war he heard before are really calls to peace. He will perceive that where he gave attack is but another altar where he can, with equal ease and far more happiness, bestow forgiveness. And he will reinterpret all temptation as just another chance to bring him joy.

How can a misperception be a sin? Let all your brother’s errors be to you nothing except a chance for you to see the workings of the Helper given you to see the world He made instead of yours. What, then, is justified? What do you want? For these two questions are the same. And when you see them as the same, your choice is made. For it is seeing them as one that brings release from the belief there are two ways to see. This world has much to offer to your peace, and many chances to extend your own forgiveness. Such its purpose is, to those who want to see peace and forgiveness descend on them, and offer them the light.

The Maker of the world of gentleness has perfect power to offset the world of violence and hate that seems to stand between you and His gentleness. [The world of violence and hate] is not there in His forgiving eyes. And therefore it need not be there in yours. (A Course in Miracles, T-25.III.6:1-8:3. See also ACIM Text Q & A.)

It is comforting to know that no matter how fearful, upsetting or depressing the world appears to be, we have help in our minds ready to guide us past it to the peace and joy God wills for us. But we must choose to accept the Help that is given us. As long as we believe we are a separate identity, housed in a body that can harm or be harmed, the world will continue to be an unhappy and fearful place.

But this belief can be changed if we are willing to accept the Holy Spirit’s help. We can choose to be happy. We can choose peace. We can choose to accept Love and extend Love instead of choosing the darkness of the ego thought system of lovelessness, guilt and fear. Every moment is an opportunity to accept the Holy Spirit’s vision which turns every perception in the world into an opportunity to forgive. We bring healing to the world by making this choice.

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