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The Key to Freedom and Inner Peace

Healing, forgiveness, and the glad exchange of all the world of sorrow for a world where sadness cannot enter, are the means by which the Holy Spirit urges you to follow Him. His gentle lessons teach how easily salvation can be yours; how little practice you need undertake to let His laws replace the ones you made to hold yourself a prisoner to death. His life becomes your own, as you extend the little help He asks in freeing you from everything that ever caused you pain.

And as you let yourself be healed, you see all those around you, or who cross your mind, or whom you touch or those who seem to have no contact with you, healed along with you. Perhaps you will not recognize them all, nor realize how great your offering to all the world, when you let healing come to you. But you are never healed alone. And legions upon legions will receive the gift that you receive when you are healed.

Those who are healed become the instruments of healing. Nor does time elapse between the instant they are healed, and all the grace of healing it is given them to give. What is opposed to God does not exist, and who accepts it not within his mind becomes a haven where the weary can remain to rest. For here is truth bestowed, and here are all illusions brought to truth.

Let healing be through you this very day. And as you rest in quiet, be prepared to give as you receive, to hold but what you give, and to receive the Word of God to take the place of all the foolish thoughts that ever were imagined. (A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 137, W-pI.137.9-11;15:1-2. See also ACIM Lesson 137 Insights.)

The body is a construct, an image made by the mind that believes it is separate from the oneness of God’s Love. In truth it is impossible to be separate from Love. But it is possible to believe in being separate. The effect of this belief is a deep sense of loss and a desire to find the Love that seems to have been lost. This sense of loss is experienced in the dream of lovelessness as pain, guilt, fear, vulnerability and loss. But this is only an effect of a belief in a false idea that could never be true.

Beliefs change and this changeability is the opening through which we can be released from the limitations of the dream of separation. The Holy Spirit is in our minds to help us change this imprisoning belief. The key to open the prison door cannot be found within the prison. But the Holy Spirit has the key. We only need to be willing to accept it.

This means we only need to be willing to bring all our perceptions to Him for correction. He will teach us what is true and what is false. Each time we accept His lessons we open the door to freedom and peace a little more. When we become willing to not accept any perception based on belief in separation, we are free. We remember the Love that we thought we had lost is what we are and have always been. Today we practice letting the Holy Spirit correct all errors in our minds.

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