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The Way Home to Love

The Holy Spirit does not teach you to judge others, because He does not want you to teach error and learn it yourself. He would hardly be consistent if He allowed you to strengthen what you must learn to avoid. In the mind of the thinker, then, He is judgmental, but only in order to unify the mind so it can perceive without judgment. This enables the mind to teach without judgment, and therefore to learn to be without judgment. The undoing is necessary only in your mind, so that you will not project, instead of extend [Love]. God Himself has established what you can extend with perfect safety. Therefore, the Holy Spirit’s third lesson is:

Be vigilant only for God and His Kingdom.

Choosing through the Holy Spirit will lead you to the Kingdom. You create by your true being, but what you are you must learn to remember. …If you allow yourself to have in your mind only what God put there, you are acknowledging your mind as God created it. Therefore, you are accepting [your mind] as it is. Since [your mind] is whole, you are teaching peace because you believe in [peace]. (A Course in Miracles, T-6.V.C.2;5:1–2,4-6. See also ACIM Text Q & A.)

The ego’s judgments are always based on the false belief in separation. Therefore all its judgments are wrong. That is why we need to let the Holy Spirit judge everything on our behalf.

The Holy Spirit’s judgment is very simple — it’s either true or false, real or unreal. As we let the Holy Spirit judge on our behalf, we will learn to sort the false from the true. We will learn to see past the false appearances of the ego’s world to the Light of Love that is everywhere. We will learn the truth of what Love created us to be.

Whenever we are feeling less than peaceful and joyful, we are accepting the ego’s judgment. As we practice turning over these thoughts with willingness to let the Holy Spirit sort the truth from the false for us, we become more and more aware of the Self we are. The seemingly endless stream of conflict and chaos is replaced by increasing happiness and peace of mind. It is worth the vigilance of bringing all our thoughts to the Holy Spirit for His purification to filter out the false from the true. It is the way Home.

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