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Review: “I am one Self, united with my Creator.”
and “Salvation comes from my one Self.”

It is comforting to know that my unity with God and all creation has not been disrupted in any way. I remain one Self. Peace and serenity are automatic conditions when there is no “other” with which to conflict. Where there is perfect unity, there can be no conflict. That is my natural and true state. All I need do to experience this is let go of all the false images made up by the ego to make separation appear real.

The task is simple but it does not seem easy. The difficulty comes because there are still aspects in my mind that believe some of these images offer me something I want. In basic terms, there is a preference for specialness over the unity of God’s Love. Again and again throughout the Course Jesus shows me that all these images really offer me nothing. It is a gradual process of learning to recognize the valuelessness of every image of everything in this world.

I definitely can see that my life is more peaceful than it was before I began studying the Course. Every year has brought me to more consistent levels of deeper peace. Yet I still experience frustration, impatience, irritation and disappointment, which shows me that I am still valuing things of this world more than my unity with Love, my one Self. The fact that I do experience more consistent peace shows me that the practice is working. It’s worth continuing the practice.

Each time I remind myself that I am one Self united with my Creator and that salvation comes from my one Self, my identification with a separate self image loosens. My attention shifts more and more strongly to the one Self that I am in truth. I am grateful for these lessons that provide a structure to help me shift my identification from the false to the true, from the conflicted to the peaceful.

The truth of our Oneness is real, and nothing else is real. Making up stories that are not real does not make them real. Trying to make separation real is the core of what I need to let be undone. Jesus tells us many times in the Course not to make the error real. The error of separation is really nothing, and yet I find myself making separation real over and over again.

This lesson, if I practice it consistently, will help me undo the persistent habit of making separation real. It helps me loosen my grip on a false identity. We all are really one Self, united with our Creator. We are One. We are in God and of God. Returning to this awareness, this reality, is our salvation.

Today’s lesson helps me change my mind. This lesson helps me let go of that persistent habit of believing in the error of separation. Jesus very wisely knows what I need to undo this persistent habit of making the error of separation real. So today I practice reversing my thinking. I practice remembering there is only one Self and that salvation comes from my one Self. How willing am I to awaken to this truth? Today I practice one hour at a time, returning to what has never changed. Today I practice remembering that only Love is real and nothing else is real.

This morning my attention shifted more and more strongly to the one Self that I am in truth.

The first part brought the awareness of Self’s supreme confidence. I have experienced bravado, and strutting, and good hair days, and all the promises of being confident. They never satisfied, never caused me to be comfortable in my own skin. Supreme confidence is Truth, and natural. That fleeting quiet confidence is both a personal reason to want to reach Self and the knowledge that I can.

Thinking of God’s perfect plan for my salvation being seen as perfectly fulfilled made perfect sense out of a business motivational concept meaningful to me (at last). The concept is that one must set goals and have a clear, concise, mental picture (CCMP) in order to be successful. The picture that flashed was now is Eternity, my life in the forgiven Sonship. So now I know my reachable goal. I can finally “see” it. When you take the exercises as seriously as you know how, some really neat stuff starts to happen.

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