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Review: “I am spirit.” and
“I will accept my part in God’s plan for salvation.”

True happiness is accepting my Identity. True happiness is accepting God’s Will for me. God wills that I not be separate from Him. God is the universal Spirit of Love. That means that I am the universal Spirit of Love.

I am not a body. I may use the body as an instrument, but that is not what I am. I am not contained by the body or limited in any way. I am still as God created me. I am Spirit, the one Spirit of Love, joy and peace. I have forgotten my Identity, but now I am reawakening to It. I open my mind to God’s Will for me. I practice today opening to the truth. I am Spirit.

Every day I see stories of conflict. Some of them seem not to be directly related to me. They appear to occur in other parts of the world or in other people’s lives. Others seem to directly affect me. Yet the Course reminds me that no conflict can occur in reality. What is one cannot conflict with itself. Only seeming differences can conflict.

If I perceive conflict anywhere, in any way, I have a choice of two responses. One is to perceive the conflict as real and seek to in some way prevent or change or protect against that conflict. This is an attempt to substitute one form for another, but it does not deal with the cause, only the symptoms.

The other way to respond is to let Holy Spirit guide my vision, to see beyond the conflict of forms to the unity of Spirit in all things. This is how I remember my true Identity. This is how I accept my part in God’s plan for salvation. This is how I bring peace to the world.

My practice now is to seek in every moment to let Holy Spirit guide my vision. And in moments of temptation, where I perceive conflict of any kind, to respond by reminding myself that I am Spirit and I choose to accept my part in God’s plan for salvation.

I choose to open my mind and heart to the guidance of Holy Spirit to see with His vision, to Love with His Love. This is how I accept the happiness that God gave me in my creation and which He gave to all His creations. I am not a body and I am not limited by a body. I can learn to see beyond body forms. I can accept my part in God’s plan for salvation.

The fact that my Heavenly Father’s Will is that I not be separate from Him gives me a sense of security and peace that there are no words for. This thought is much easier to accept when I realize I am not a body. When I practice letting go of belief in my body, just for moments at a time, I do believe it is possible to connect with God. Even though I’m not sure at this point where my mind goes when I take the time to get away from the insanity of this world, wherever it is, I get the willingness to be open to my part in God’s plan for salvation, whatever that is.

Most Holy Spirit, help me this day to have the willingness to stay focused on the fact that I am Spirit and, being Spirit, to accept my part in God’s plan for salvation. Amen.

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