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Review IV: “My mind holds only what I think with God.” and
“Forgiveness is the key to happiness. Forgiveness offers everything I want.”

As I opened my mind to receive understanding about what it means that my mind holds only what I think with God, it became clear why the titles of the two review statements are true. The Course tells me that God is Love and nothing else. And being Love, He is also happiness. Thus the only thoughts my mind can hold must be expressions of Love and must bring happiness with them. If I do not perceive these thoughts, I must be deciding against God, denying my unity with Him, denying my unity with Love.

Forgiveness is the key to happiness because forgiveness is the undoing of the denial of Love. The moment I welcome Love, I am welcoming happiness. Anytime I am bothered because the computer does not respond like I think it should, or someone does not behave like I think they should, I am clearly not happy and not loving. Simple, true forgiveness clears the false image and opens my mind to the awareness of Love’s presence once again.

All I or anyone in this world wants is Love and happiness. If we think happiness can be found in the forms of this world, we will try all kinds of ego-based manipulations and gyrations in an attempt to make the images of the world provide the Love and happiness we seek. But Love and happiness cannot be found there. The ego directs us to look to these images in keeping with its motto, seek and do not find.

The moment we let our minds be guided by the Voice for God, we will be helped to let go of the values we have given these empty images. In other words we will be guided to forgive. This forgiveness is the key to happiness because it clears our minds of meaningless false images so that we can receive and accept what has always been ours.

The moment I cease to give my attention to the empty images of this world and give them no value, I truly recognize that my mind holds only what I think with God and I experience everything I really want. Eternal happiness is mine.

Recognizing that my mind holds only what I think with God helps me realize that all the thoughts I get involved with in this world of separation are not really thinking at all. As I do the Course lessons day by day, these lessons help me recognize mindless thoughts and open my mind to the Holy Spirit’s help so that the thoughts can be purified.

My mindless thoughts, which come from belief in separation, may appear real at the time, but they are really nothing at all. Letting these thoughts be seen for what they are by the Holy Spirit is forgiveness, and forgiveness brings happiness. I tried to replace God with all these meaningless ideas of separation, but it has only been ego image making. They were never real.

Today I practice returning to remembering that my mind holds only what I think with God. God’s Mind is eternal and changeless and therefore my mind is eternal and changeless. Only my true Identity as God’s Extension is real. All the additions I have tried to make are not real. All the image making dreams I have been involved with are not real. As I learn to forgive or let go of these thoughts, this image making, I find true happiness. The truth lies beyond image making, which is a denial of the truth.

As I let go of the images which deny the truth, the truth returns to my awareness. Letting go of what never was, which is forgiveness, is the key to happiness and offers everything I really want. My mind holds only what I think with God. Nothing else is true. I am willing to be happy today. I am willing to forgive.

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