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Review: “My mind holds only what I think with God.” and
“I will not value what is valueless. Let me perceive forgiveness as it is.”

Only the Mind of God is real. Only eternal Love is real. Thoughts of separation come from the mistaken mind, the split mind. All the thoughts that come from the split off, ego mind are not real. The thoughts that come from this mind are valueless.

Jesus is teaching us not to value what is valueless because it will not bring us happiness. It will only bring us pain and sorrow, sickness and death in the end. Forgiveness is letting go of these thoughts of being separate from the Mind of God. Forgiveness is letting go of belief in bodies, of time and space, of differences and uniqueness.

Today, again, I will practice opening to the truth. I will practice forgiveness. I will practice letting go of illusions. I will practice letting go of the valueless. I will practice opening to the truth that my mind holds only what I think with God. This daily practice is my journey Home. There is no journey that has any value but this. I need not wander in the wilderness any longer. This practice is my highest priority. This practice brings me what I really want, God’s peace, joy and eternal happiness.

As I am willing to see the false ideas for what they are, I will not value the valueless. I will open to the mind of God, my Source. I will return to what is true and eternal. I will realize that my mind holds only what I think with God. What is in the Mind of God is real and nothing else is real. This process of letting go of false ideas is what the Course calls forgiveness. Through forgiveness, we let go of what is not real. Holding on to what is not real is the barrier that hides the Mind of God — What we all really are one with.

Since my mind holds only what I think with God and God is timeless, then all thoughts that I hold about the past cannot be thoughts I share with God. They must therefore not be real thoughts and are therefore valueless.

The ego loves to give great attention to the past. Major efforts are invested in archeological study trying to establish where and when bodies and human form started. One of the largest categories on the Internet is genealogy — people trying to establish their identity by identifying the series of births of bodies from one generation to the next. And in everyday life we evaluate everything in terms of what we have learned in the past.

As we carry all this attention on the past with us, we are not able to see the present, clean and pure as it is. We overlay our past experiences and our beliefs about the past upon the present, like a mask. We do not see the present. We see a mask of our own making and do not recognize that all its meaning is projected from our own mind. By valuing the valueless past, we cannot see God’s gift of Love in the present.

As I learn to loosen my grip on the past, to give it less value, I am able to let it go. This is forgiveness. This opens the door for me to see the innocent holy Self that is ever present, now. It is timeless, not to be found in the future nor the past. Our one Self is eternally here now.

Holy Spirit, help me to forgive the past, to recognize its valuelessness and lay it down. Thus will I be able to recognize that my mind truly holds only what I think with God.

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