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Review: “My mind holds only what I think with God.” and
“If I defend myself I am attacked. Sickness is a defense against the truth.”

My right mind, my Real mind, holds only what I think with God. The split mind, the ego mind, from which I see images of separate bodies and separate things, is not my real mind, even though I might identify with it. It is a false mind, a mind that makes up images of nothing, even though I might experience it as very real.

In this false mind I feel I must defend myself against attack by something outside me. This false mind gives me images of attack and being attacked. For example, the pollen from the trees makes my eyes itch. There is constant change and deterioration by the weather. Everything is threatened by outer influences, which eventually destroy it. In this world, if we do not defend against germs, they would destroy us, we would become sick and die.

All this comes from the false ego mind. All this comes from a thought system that is denying the truth of our invulnerability as part of the Mind of God. All this denies the truth of our Identity. We experience this false world because we wanted specialness, we wanted individuality, we wanted to experience separation from our Source.

Thank goodness none of this could ever be true. The images and experiences that come from the false ego mind could never be true. We imagine that we become sick and die. But when we wake up, we see none of it was ever real. It was all just hallucinations of vulnerability, lack and death. In this ego mind, we try to atone for our “sins” by punishing our bodies and perceiving ourselves as weak and vulnerable to forces we cannot control. All this is simply not true. All this just comes from the false ego mind which we have identified with.

Thank God we still have our real Mind. We cannot leave the Mind of God even though we imagine ourselves doing so. Our right Mind holds only what we think with God.

By doing these lessons every day, every hour, we are gradually loosening our grip on the false ideas that give us the experience of this world of separation and vulnerability. As we stick with this mind healing program found in A Course in Miracles, we let go of the false ideas. Behind those false ideas is the one Mind, the Mind of God. This is our real Mind and the only Mind. This is our true Identity forever.

Each day I continue the undoing process of letting go of what was never real. Repeating throughout the day, “My mind holds only what I think with God,” brings me back to the truth and allows an opening by which the Holy Spirit can bridge me back to the truth, to where I never left. This daily practice is an important lifeline. There is nothing more important than returning to the truth.

The lessons reviewed in today’s lesson focus on the belief in vulnerability that interferes with my awareness of the thoughts I share with God. I could not perceive myself as needing defense unless I believed I was vulnerable. To believe I am vulnerable, I must believe I am separate from God or believe God is vulnerable, neither of which are true. Remembering my mind holds only what I think with God is the cure for belief in vulnerability.

My safety does not come from building defenses against outside forces, people, disease, weather, earth changes, all the myriad forms this world of false images presents. My safety comes from remembering I remain in the Mind of God as I was created, sharing His Love, His joy, His peace, His strength and His holiness. That is the truth about my true Self. It cannot be changed because God does not change. What is eternal is changeless, and the truth about me, about everyone, is that we are eternal. We are the one Self that is God’s extension.

Any time I perceive I have been hurt, either emotionally or physically, I am believing in a false image of myself. It is this I must take to the Holy Spirit and ask for His gentle correction. Repeating hourly for ten days that my mind holds only what I think with God builds a reference point in my mind which I can use to help me recognize the false thinking that leads to feeling vulnerable and weak. With this recognition, my job is to take it to the Holy Spirit to receive His vision, to let my perception be corrected. It is a progressive process that becomes easier and more effective with every practice.

It is my willingness to practice that makes the healing of my mind possible. I am grateful for my little willingness and I am grateful for the mighty tools for healing brought to me in the Course. Today I will practice once again with gratitude and joy, reminding myself that my mind holds only what I think with God.

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