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“The power of decision is my own.”

Jesus is encouraging me to accept the truth and let go of the ego lies of separation. The truth is, all that is real is one in God and has never changed from how God created it. All is one continuous whole in God. This one, continuous whole is changeless and eternal. This is my true Identity and everyone’s true Identity. This is the real universe as God created it. In today’s lesson Jesus is encouraging me to let go of what is not true, what is not real. What is not real — bodies in a world of time and constant change — is not what God created.

Let me accept the truth today. Let me not try to change God’s creation and make an individual self image. Let me let go of that self image and accept only the truth as true. Let me accept my one universal Self in God as all that is real. This is salvation. My identity could never be anything other than as God created it. Let me accept the truth today.

This lesson lays responsibility for the world I see squarely in my own hands. Recognition of this as true is essential to my release from it. As long as I believe anything in the world I see is not of my own making, I am a victim of the world, powerless to do anything about it. Acceptance of full responsibility for the world is key to my release from it. It means I have all the power I need to release the world I see and return to Heaven, where I was created to be and still am in truth.

The decision for what I want to believe is true is always mine. This is a point that is repeated many ways, again and again throughout the Course. The ego puts up all kinds of smoke screens trying to hide this fact and make it seem as though what happens in the world I see is entirely out of my control. The ego’s very existence depends upon my believing this. The recognition that the world and everything I seem to experience in it is of my own making brings instant release.

No one consciously hangs on to pain, isolation, fear and guilt. It is the quick forgetting referred to in an earlier lesson that makes these decisions seem to be unconscious and holds the illusionary world in place.

As I accept my Self as God created me, I free myself from the world of limitation and death. Only I can make this decision, for it is only I who has made the decision to deny it. Today’s lesson is simply a reinforcement of the lesson, “Heaven is the decision I must make.” Today I will practice remembering that I remain as God created me.

I love the first paragraph of this lesson, but it also scares me. I am perfectly willing to accept the idea that I am responsible for everything in my world, but somehow I am unwilling to accept that I have the power to change it. Can I really have the power of decision as my own and if so, why do I not use it? What is wrong with me that I choose misery, guilt and fear instead?

In my meditation this morning I asked Holy Spirit to show me specific places in my mind that I have chosen to believe the truth is not true. These were all familiar places to me. I knew they were there and often I have pretended to myself that I wanted healing and even asked for healing. God doesn’t hear my false words that I use to fool myself; He hears, instead, what is in my heart and so I choose to believe I can keep these exceptions to the truth and pretend they are the real world I inhabit.

I am not going to waste any time trying to figure out why I choose pain over joy. I have asked Holy Spirit to gently remind me throughout the day when I am making these choices. This day I am not going to pretend circumstances are out of my control and there is nothing I can do about certain things in my life. I accept that God did not create me to be fearful and so if I am feeling fearful I am trying to make my own truth to replace God’s Truth. How crazy is that? I am not going to try to reason with the ego or allow anything to cloud the issue. That is how I’ve kept these self-deceptions in place for so long. If it is fear, God did not make it and it is not true.

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