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“Now are we one with Him Who is our Source.”

After being shown in yesterday’s lesson how the thought of death shows up in this world, today’s lesson reminds us of what Christ’s vision will show us. Do we want to experience the place of peace within us that is untouched by the turmoil of the world? Christ’s vision shows it to us. Do we want to remember the holiness in us that is untouched by any thought of sin? Christ’s vision shows it to us. Do we want to feel God’s joy in all its fullness? This also is what Christ’s vision offers us.

How do we receive Christ’s vision? By letting go of all the things we think we want in this world. The Course shows us again and again that the forms of this world offer us nothing. But if we value these forms, we will not be able to see what Christ’s vision offers us. We see death and destruction instead of eternal life. We see sin and guilt instead of holiness and innocence, which is our reality. We are not asked to sacrifice anything of value. We are simply being asked to recognize the valueless for what it is. When we recognize that it is valueless, we automatically let it go.

We are being asked today to lay down all the valueless and leave our minds open to the loving, joyous vision of Christ and bring that vision to the world. If we expect people to behave in certain ways or say certain things for us to feel happy, safe, accepted or appreciated, we cannot receive the vision of Christ. But as we set aside our likes and dislikes and the many demands we make upon the world for us to be happy, we make room for Christ’s holy vision to show us Light where we thought there was only shadows. Christ’s vision shows us Love where we thought there was fear. It shows us joy in place of sorrow, peace in place of conflict.

As we learn to see with His vision, we offer His vision to the world. We become a Light amongst the dark shadows of the world. We become God’s messengers of Love with a message that offers healing and peace.

Today I will practice setting aside my petty preferences and clear my mind to receive Christ’s vision.

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