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Review: “God is but Love and therefore so am I.”
“I give the miracles I have received. I am at home. Fear is the stranger here.”

Which self will I identify with today — the false self or the real Self which is Love? Which self will I think is real today? If I identify with the false self, I will think that I have private thoughts. I will identify with the body. I will experience fear, loss, conflict and frustration. I will think that I am a victim and that something outside me is the source of my problems. I will think that I am separate from others and I will identify others with their bodies.

Today’s lesson reminds me that all of this is not true. Today’s lesson reminds me to identify with my real Self, which is Love. When I remember that Love is my true Home, fear becomes the stranger. I am open to receiving miracles from the Holy Spirit. I step back from the identity I once believed in. I leave my mind open to receive the healing touch of the Holy Spirit. And because minds are joined, I cannot help but give the miracles I have received.

Love by Its very nature gives all Love to all universally. There are no barriers in Love. There are no separate bodies. There is no gap between minds. There is only one Mind — the Mind of Love. There is only universal joining, universal giving, universal receiving, universal joy, universal happiness. All is one in Love.

What kind of a day will I choose to have today? Which mind will I serve, the false mind or the universal Mind of Love? It is my choice and I will receive the effects of that choice today.

All miracles have already been given to everyone. God withholds nothing, having given all of Himself in our Creation. The only reason we are not aware of the miracles we have been given is because we don’t appreciate and accept them. The made up images of this world have more appeal to us than the miracles given us through the Holy Spirit.

Step-by-step the Course is helping us see the valuelessness of the made up world that seems so real. The vision of innocence, holiness and wholeness is ours to claim in every instant. The moment we claim it, we will give it because in this vision is the recognition of our unity with all. By its very nature, this vision must be shared.

“I give the miracles I have received” implies that I have accepted the miracles I give. My job today is to walk with Holy Spirit as my Guide with an open mind and an open heart. As I am open to His lead, I will share His vision and receive the miracle of recognizing the face of Christ everywhere. With His vision there is no conflict, no threat, no thought of harm or loss, only the recognition of dear and treasured brothers everywhere I look. With His vision, I look past all behavior and see the Christ.

I cannot do this alone. The idea of being alone is a barrier to vision. But I am never alone in truth. No matter how much I identify with isolation and limitation in a separate body, the Holy Spirit is always in my mind, ready to share His vision. His vision shows me my real Home where fear is a stranger, unknown because loss is impossible in my real Home.

Today I dedicate myself to walking with the Holy Spirit as my Guide. All thoughts of lack or limitation I give to Him that I may be shown the truth beyond these false thoughts. My heart is filled with gratitude that I have within me the Guide to lead me Home.

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