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Review: “God is but Love and therefore so am I.”
“By grace I live. By grace I am released. There is no cruelty in God and none in me.”

Let today be a day of grace. Let yourself remember that you live in God’s grace. Let God’s grace lead you to awaken to the fact that you are only Love. Let today be awesome. Let today be happy. Let yourself follow the Holy Spirit’s lead. Listen. Let the Holy Spirit show you that you are the Light of God. Let the Holy Spirit show you the Light of God everywhere. Let yourself remember the truth.

Let the body be the instrument of awakening to the truth. God is Love and everyone is Love. Let all your efforts today be directed toward extending this truth universally. Let today be a celebration to truth. Rest in God and be glad, today and every day. Let yourself be released from ideas of limitation by God’s grace.

When we project onto God the characteristics of anger, judgment, guilt and punishment we believe are in us, we make Him unwelcome. After all, the purpose of projection is to get rid of and disown what we don’t like in ourselves. The belief that God is cruel pervades the attitudes of the world. How often have you heard someone say, “God gave me this pain or illness or unhappy circumstance so I would learn what I need to learn, or perhaps for a reason I don’t even recognize.”

We blame God for the effects of our own decisions about what we are. God does not know of pain, for there is no cruelty in God. God does not know of sorrow because in God, loss is impossible. It is true painful or upsetting experiences can bring us to a state of willingness to be open to receive the Holy Spirit’s lesson in forgiveness. But when we remember there is no cruelty in God, we will not blame God as the cause of the painful experience. We instead accept responsibility for the decisions we have made, consciously or unconsciously, that brought about the experience.

When we remember there is no cruelty in God, we welcome His guidance and the lessons He offers us through the Holy Spirit. They are always lessons in Love. They are always gentle lessons when they are welcomed. The pain we experience is just the effect of our resistance to these gentle lessons. If our resistance is high, we keep making our experiences more and more painful until we reach the limit of our tolerance for pain. We say, “Enough, there must be a better way.” In these moments we open our minds to be taught the better way.

It is not necessary that we experience painful circumstances to awaken. As we grow more and more willing to be taught and become less and less attached to our interpretation of our perceptions, our lessons are more gentle. We begin to truly see there is no cruelty in God. This is His grace because, since there is no cruelty in God, there is in truth no cruelty in us. Awareness of Love grows stronger as we welcome it.

Today I welcome Holy Spirit’s loving and gentle lessons which show me the truth in me and my brothers. I am willing to question all I think is real and open my heart and mind to my true Self. In this I am released.

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