A Course in Miracles Lesson Insights

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Third Edition of A Course in Miracles published by the Foundation for Inner Peace.

“The peace of God is shining in me now.”

When I close my eyes and focus on the peace of God within me, I see a different world. I don’t see conflict or threats I believe can bring me harm. I see the Love of God in my brother. I see his innocence. If his behavior does not reflect that Love and innocence, I recognize it as a call for Love.

Rather than reacting with defensiveness to protect my image of myself, the peace within me opens my mind to the guidance of Holy Spirit, the Light within me. This Light shows me how to answer the call for Love in a way that reduces guilt and helps my brother recognize the Love that has always been his, as well as mine. On my own, I have no idea what would be truly helpful. But as I acknowledge the peace of God shining within me, what is helpful is revealed to me through a vision that sees far beyond the limited scope I have allowed myself.

This serves a dual teaching function. It teaches my brother he is Love and worthy of Love. At the same time it teaches me that within me I have a vision that sees far beyond the images of this world. It teaches me the power of peace. It teaches me What I am, reminding me of my Source.

As long as I think I am alone, I see a world divided and lacking Love. But as I focus on the peace of God shining in me, individuality fades, divisions soften and I begin to feel my brother as part of me. Bringing my attention to the peace of God shining in me now is a great gift that overflows from my heart. It cannot be contained, for by its nature, it reaches out to all, including all in its Love. It is this I would learn today, that I might receive the world’s blessing and know we are one.

As I let my thoughts fly to the peace of God within, I am led to Christ’s vision. This inner vision is quiet and full of peace. It needs nothing but to accept one communal Identity as what is real in truth. This internal vision sees the peace of God in everyone and recognizes the universality of Love. This inner vision is filled with contentment and happiness, for there is no conflict here. There is no lack here. There is no death and suffering here. This inner vision only remembers the truth of one universal Identity. It recognizes that nothing else really matters because nothing else is real. This inward vision rests in its Source and does not choose to make dreams of isolation and aloneness real. This inward vision is content to be Itself as It was created and extend the peace, love and joy that It is to all the rest of Its one Self.

Today I am willing to let my thoughts fly to this inward vision and feel the peace of God. I am willing to let my mind quiet and remember the truth today.

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