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Third Edition of A Course in Miracles published by the Foundation for Inner Peace.

“It can be but my gratitude I earn.”

Ingratitude is another word for unforgiveness. The whole ego thought system came from ingratitude for God’s gift of all His Love. It was wanting more than everything. When I have been able to truly forgive a brother, when I recognize no harm occurred, my heart overflows with gratitude. The space resentment had taken in my mind is freed to receive the gift of Love. With Love, gratitude is inevitable, for it is an aspect of Love.

When I experience pain, whether it be emotional or physical, it reflects ingratitude and unforgiveness. I do not need to earn God’s gratitude, for His gratitude for His extension, which is my Self, has never ceased. But I do need to earn my own gratitude through forgiveness. Without my gratitude, I can neither recognize nor accept God’s. One of the central themes of the Course is that we perceive God as we perceive ourselves. So if I have ingratitude, I will believe God is not grateful for me. Because I believe I can withhold Love and do withhold it when I am not grateful, I believe God withholds His Love when I perceive Him as ungrateful.

To earn my gratitude, I must recognize my unforgivenesses and offer them to the Holy Spirit so He can help me recognize them for the illusions they are. With His help I can release these illusions and make room for the gratitude that is innate in my Self.

Holy Spirit, I ask your help to recognize unforgiveness so I may let it go.

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