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Review: “I am not a body. I am free. I am still as God created me.”
“I have a function God would have me fill.”

The function of Love is to extend Love. God created me as Love and so my function is to extend Love. I don’t extend Love when I don’t remember What I am. I don’t remember What I am when I attempt to replace What I am with illusions of separation from What I am. I am set free when I am willing to lay these illusions down.

When the ego thoughts are quieted, God, Which is Love, is there. God is the only Reality. God is freedom. God is joy. God is oneness and Love. If I am not recognizing this, I will feel bound and limited and separate from my Identity. In truth, God is my constant Companion because I am God’s extension. It is only when I return to my original function of extending Love that I find the freedom and peace that is in me.

I get what I desire and focus on. Today I seek only to fulfill my function as an extension of God’s Love. Only this brings me happiness. Only this sets me free. Letting go of illusions and extending only Love is my function today.

The Course says forgiveness is Love’s reflection in this world. Thus forgiveness is the way I fulfill my function in this world. Forgiveness is letting go of illusions. It clears the way for Love to be extended. It frees me to be the Love I was created to be.

Illusions are vain because they have no real effect. But if I believe illusions are real, I will believe reality is unreal and so the reality of Love will be lost to me. It is impossible to believe in two realities. Whatever I believe to be real blocks everything else from my awareness. If I want to experience the peace and joy and Love of God, I must let go of my belief in another reality in which God (Love) is not welcome.

This world was made as a place where God is not welcome. To be free of it, I must forgive myself for imagining a world without God and I must forgive God for not giving me what He could not give. God could not give me special love because Love is given equally by Its very nature.

When I experience true forgiveness, I experience an outpouring of Love, a sense of unity and joining with my brother. I see us as the same and my heart is filled with joy and gratitude. When I fall back into old habits of judgment, that joyous feeling fades. But the memory of it reminds me I really do want to fulfill the function God has given me. That is where I find freedom and joy.

Each experience of forgiveness strengthens my resolve to take every thought of condemnation, every judgment, to the Holy Spirit for Him to shine His loving Light upon it so I can see the reality beyond the illusion I mistakenly believed. Thus I fulfill the function God would have me fill and I receive His gift of happiness, which I cannot help but share with everyone.

True happiness is sharing. Holy Spirit, help me see with Your vision today that I might remember the freedom of being the Love I was created to be.

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