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Review: “I am not a body. I am free. I am still as God created me.”
“It can be but my gratitude I earn.”

Gratitude and appreciation go hand in hand. If you appreciate something, you have gratitude for it. You will not have gratitude for something you do not appreciate. We truly recognize our brothers when we have full appreciation for them. To have this, we must see our brothers with the vision of Christ.

It is only the Love in our brothers to which our appreciation is due. And the Love in our brothers is the Love within us. As we learn to fully appreciate our brothers, we learn to appreciate the truth in ourselves. We learn to appreciate our unity with our Source and the gifts we receive from our Source.

This world was made because of lack of appreciation for God’s gifts. Lack of appreciation is rejection. Having rejected God’s gifts, we believe ourselves to be deprived. And so everyone who comes to this world is searching to fill the emptiness made by rejecting God’s gifts. As we learn to see the treasure house of Love in our brothers and fully appreciate it, we find what we have been looking for. We find our Self. Once again our hearts are filled with gratitude for the reality of Love has returned to our awareness.

Salvation is simply the release from the belief that it is possible to be without Love. Gratitude is inevitable as we learn to accept the Love we are.

Salvation comes through a willingness to let go of separation. The miracle, or true perception, is given to us by the Holy Spirit as we are willing to receive it. My true Self is always present in my mind, waiting to be recognized. It is my willingness to have an open mind and be open to a change in perception that brings me the experience of deep peace, Love and joy that my true Self has to offer.

My thanks are to the Self Who has the gifts to give. My thanks are also to my willingness to be open to receive these gifts. I must be open to the truth to receive the truth. As my willingness to open to the truth grows, my gratitude grows. I value the truth more and more as I am willing to open to it more and more. My focus now is on being willing to receive God’s gifts. God does the rest.

I left Pathways after my ordination with such gratitude. I am grateful for my fellow ministers who shared those incredible nine days with me. These women will forever be sisters of my heart. I feel gratitude toward my facilitators and Robert and Mary and will always love them.

I spent nearly the whole day at Chicago Midway Airport and watched an awesome display of kindness, calmness, courtesy, and helpfulness by employees coping with passengers who are frustrated with new security measures. I was inspired by, and grateful to these angels.

I was grateful to fellow passengers who helped pass those long hours waiting by sharing warm stories of travel and family. I am grateful to the hotel clerk and the waitress who served me supper and made me feel welcomed home.

I am grateful to Spirit Who is like a light dancing in my mind. The more gratitude I feel the more I am aware of Spirit’s presence. The more I say yes to Spirit and allow Him to guide me, the more accessible He seems. My gratitude fills me with joy. I am grateful to myself for this joy. It is but my gratitude I earn!

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