A Course in Miracles Lesson Insights

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Review: “I am not a body. I am free. I am still as God created me.”
“There is no peace except the peace of God.”

Peace does not seem certain because the Love of God does not seem certain. The ego does not trust God because it projects its own capriciousness on God. Just as the ego withholds appreciation from those it judges, it believes God would do the same. The ego cannot conceive of an existence without condemnation and projection because the ego is the idea of rejection.

The Course tells us that Love does not condemn. Therefore God, being Love, must not condemn. Total lack of condemnation is inconceivable to the ego because judgment is the means by which the ego holds separation in place. Likewise, condemnation is inconceivable to Love because Love is unity and unity is held together by Love.

To the ego, the Love of God cannot be relied upon. What it hides is that the only reason God’s Love cannot be relied upon is because the ego has rejected it. Lay down the rejection and the certainty of God’s Love is instantly revealed.

That is why the way Home is to follow the One given me by God in my mind, Who knows the way. He is not fooled by the ego’s lies, deceptions and insanity. He knows the truth that I remain safe at Home in Love. His job in my mind is to help me release the false ideas so the reality of the peace of God can return to my awareness. In truth there is no certainty except the peace of God. There is no opposite.

I am grateful for the grace of God that would not accept insane ideas of separation and specialness as real. I am grateful for the grace of God that gave me the Means in my mind to find my way out of insane dreams and return Home to His loving Arms.

If I am not experiencing peace, it is because I have wandered away from peace. Peace has not left me. I left peace. Peace is always there, waiting from my return. As I am willing, I have a Guide Who will return me to the peace of God. What I experience, I am choosing. If I am not happy with my choice, then I can open my mind to the One Who knows a better way.

Thinking I am independent of God has not brought me happiness. Now I would be willing to follow in the gentle ways of peace. Right now I am willing to open my mind to the experience of God’s peace. To do this I must follow the gentle Guide Who is always in my mind waiting to return me Home. For this I give thanks.

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