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“Be in my mind, my Father, through the day.”

This lesson is reminding me that being with God is being in a state of mind where there is a knowing of comfort and safety. As I let this feeling wash over me, I realize how important this is to accept and know. I also realize there are aspects in my mind that really need this healing comfort.

I grew up in a church which taught that God is Love. I remember seeing the words, “God is Love” in big, gold raised letters across the front of the church. Yet I am aware I also carried an image of God as ready to judge and punish. I believed He kept a list and checked it twice for who was naughty and nice. I wasn’t sure I wanted God knowing everything I did. It’s like the feeling of driving by a police car and wondering if I was going to be stopped for something I did wrong and didn’t even know I was doing. It’s a reflection of underlying guilt that was carried and seemed to be just waiting to be discovered and punished.

Gratefully this lesson is presenting a different perspective of God. This is a perspective of Love that is ever present and unchanging. It is a place of safety and comfort, a place of refuge and healing, and most of all a place of peace.

There is not even a hint of condemnation in God. His only thought for me is Love. As I allow this thought to flow through my mind, it brings a wonderful sense of calm and quiet joy. Deep gratitude inspires me to share this Love with all my brothers. Love is all I want to offer and all I want to see. If there is a call for Love, the only response in my heart is to offer Love.

In this world, where form is perceived as real, Love seems to take many forms. As I let myself be guided by the Holy Spirit in my mind, I will always offer Love in the most appropriate form in the moment. It is not for me to decide on my own, but merely to allow myself to be led. Thus I will extend the Love I feel from my Father to all my brothers and know it for myself.

What particularly stood out to me in this lesson today is, “Trust all things to Him. Let Him reveal all things to you.” If ever I am dismayed by anything, there is only one thing to do and that is to remember to hand it over and let my mind be healed of every form of fear. It is only then I will be aware of my safety in every situation.

At any moment, who do I think I am? The more I believe in the stories of this world, the more I will experience fear. I will not feel safe. The more I place my trust in God and remember I am His Son, the more I will remember I am safe in every circumstance. “Be in my mind, my Father, through the day” is a thought of accepting safety where safety truly lies.

Forgetting my Source and dreaming a dream of being disconnected from my Source is scary indeed. It is a nightmare that can be undone as I return to letting in the truth that nothing has changed since I was created.

I am still in God and of God. Everyone in this world is part of the same Son. There is only one Son and that Son has never changed. That Son is safe in God. That is what I remember when I return to placing my trust in God and let Him reveal things to me. With this peace returns.

In truth God is in my mind and everyone’s mind all through the day. We can’t really remove ourselves from God because God is What we are. As we are willing to open to God, open to our Source, we return to remembering we are safe in God eternally. This and only this is the truth.

My practice today is to remember this and be aware of God’s presence and God’s peace all through the day.

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