A Course in Miracles Lesson Insights

To gain the most from A Course in Miracles Lesson Insights, we recommend
that you read the corresponding lesson in the Workbook of the Second or
Third Edition of A Course in Miracles published by the Foundation for Inner Peace.

“This holy instant is salvation come.”

Salvation, release from the world of separation and limitation, is available every day, in every instant. It comes with true forgiveness. It is no accident that Part II of the Workbook begins with “What is forgiveness?” When we recognize that there is truly nothing to forgive, that nothing has occurred to change the Son of God in any way, we will know complete release from the world. It will disappear because the thought that made it is gone.

Forgiveness is the means, the only means, through which we are released to return to our Home, in the Heaven of God’s Arms. That is what it means in the introduction to the Course that this is a required course. We must all, in one way or another, come to realize that only Love is real and nothing else exists. This is what forgiveness brings us. Forgiveness lets us see what we thought we were apart from God could never be and never has been. This clears the way for us to see the Love that is our brother and our Self. The words and means used to reach this awareness do not matter. The Course is one way to find It. But even this we must let go of and come with wholly empty hands and an open heart and mind to our Creator. This is what the Course calls forgiveness.

The inner Teacher given me by God will come to me in every moment when I am willing to accept that I, of myself, know nothing. I, in unity with the Holy Spirit, know everything. To experience this unity, I must relinquish the desire for a special and unique identity. As I give this desire to the Holy Spirit, He returns a gift to me of immeasurable value. He returns my Self to me, along with all God’s glory, His joy, His peace and His Love. In this holy instant is salvation come.

This lesson speaks to me of the power of now. Because in reality there is no past and future, now is all there is. Now I would open to the Holy Spirit and let the veil be lifted. It is only in this false world of separation that there appears to be a choice as to when I choose to let the veil be lifted.

Once the veil is lifted, there is only God. God is. Love is. There is nothing else. The choice for returning to God can only be now. Only God is now. Illusions are nothing and nowhere. Nothing really matters but awareness of the truth, awareness of God, awareness of Love. Love is eternal so Love is now.

So now I open my mind and let all my fears be dissolved in Heaven’s holy Light. Now I open to the certainty of God and let all doubts disappear. The answer to every problem is in my mind now as I open to the Holy Spirit. Where do I place my trust? I place my trust in God, now. What joy there is today!

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