A Course in Miracles Lesson Insights

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“God is my refuge and security.”

Either I will think I live in a body or I will remember that I live in God. When I place my sense of security in the body to make me safe, I will be in fear. When I place my sense of trust and security in God, I will be in peace. It is my choice. Where will I place my trust today? Do I think I need to provide for myself on my own or will I be willing to remember that the only real Life I live is the Life I live in God?

The way I remember the Life I live in God is by being willing to recognize the ego mind when I am not at peace and open to the truth with the Holy Spirit. I have closed my mind to the truth and now it is time to open those doors, remove those barriers to Love which hide the truth. I hold the key in my hand. By letting my mind quiet, I will receive whatever I need in the present moment to heal my mind.

I will receive a different way to view the world. I will receive a new perspective on what I see through the body’s eyes. I will be taught how to look past bodies to the one Christ Spirit that is the truth of every brother. I will be taught how to lay down the ego’s fearful lies and scarcity and danger. I will be taught that true Love is sharing all of God’s Love with everyone equally.

I will feel encompassed in peace. I will feel the fruits of living in God. I will feel the peace, Love and joy of God. I will feel Love’s safety and know that it is eternal. It does not come and go. Today I would remember that “God is my refuge and security.”

It is interesting to observe the many ways the ego attempts to offer substitutes for God’s refuge and security. Any time I judge someone’s behavior, I am believing that my safety somehow lies in that person having different behavior. There is a belief that if I could somehow fix things in the world I perceive outside of me, I will feel safe. If I have the right relationship, I will feel safe. If my ‘significant other’ would just not do that one annoying thing, I would feel safe. If the boss were not so insensitive, I would be happy. If I had a new car, I would be happy.

The list of things outside me that seem as though they could bring me happiness is endless as long as I believe the world of separate bodies has any value. Today’s lesson is reminding me where my true refuge and security lie. All the things in the world are just decoy’s, illusions of safety that offer nothing real or lasting.

Holy Spirit, help me to recognize the false substitutes for what they are so that I can let them go. In letting them go I open my mind to remembering that God is my refuge and security.

This is a good lesson for all of us. When I find myself getting too caught up in something or someone, I now say to myself: “Oh wait, I don’t have to do that anymore.”

Another favorite saying of mine is: “I don’t need to muck around in someone else’s garden,” or “Oops, that’s God’s garden and He certainly doesn’t need my input.” I just remind myself it’s none of my business.

I think a good time to practice this is on the freeway when there’s an accident and I want to slow down and take a good look. Well guess what, it’s NONE of my business and so I just say a little prayer for that person and keeping watching the traffic in front of me.

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