A Course in Miracles Lesson Insights

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“I will not use the body’s eyes today.”

We are not being told here to put on a blindfold so that we won’t use the body’s eyes. This is an attempt to cure by changing the effect instead of the cause. It is the same as saying that I won’t watch the news because it upsets me. The news is not the cause of my upset. It is the judgments in my mind about the news that upset me. If I don’t watch the news, the judgments remain and will be triggered by some other event in my life as long as they remain in my mind.

Were I able to hold Christ’s vision unwaveringly, I could watch the news and hold my peace, offering only Love to all I see. There would be no judgment, for I would be seeing a forgiving world, an innocent world, where harm is recognized as impossible. This lesson is leading us to this vision. It is the forgiveness in my mind that makes it possible to see a forgiven world and remember God.

It may be helpful not to watch the news while I work on my forgiveness, letting go of judgments and insistence on holding a separate identity. The more I can maintain peace and be receptive to the Holy Spirit’s guidance, the more I will be able to see with Christ’s vision. Here is where I change the cause of all conflict or disturbances of any kind. The more I can consistently give all my judgments to the Holy Spirit for Him to purify, the easier it will be for me to look on all things with equanimity. My peace remains undisturbed when I allow the Holy Spirit to be my Guide in all things. Then it will not matter whether I watch the news or not.

Holy Spirit, I seek to walk with You today and let You guide all my doings, all I say and think. With Your help, Christ’s vision will show me all that is real and I will easily disregard the unreal as meaningless. With Your help, I will experience the joy of being God’s Son, united with Love, everywhere and beyond time. Thus will I not see with the body’s eyes, but instead see with the Light of Love and remember my Creator.

Holy Spirit, I take my dreams to you today and let them be brought to the truth. I would not hold on to sick dreams and protect them by continuing to make them appear real in my eyes. I would hand over these dreams with an open mind.

I am willing for these dreams to be translated into Christ’s vision, where all true vision lies. I am willing to remember that all are in Heaven now and have never left. I am willing to remember that only God’s Will is real. I am willing to let go of the ego’s lies. I am willing to let them be washed away in God’s healing Light. I will not use the body’s eyes today to make illusions real.

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