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“How can illusions satisfy God’s Son?”

The sentence that stood out to me today is, “I am surrounded by [God’s] Love, forever still, forever gentle and forever safe.” I repeated that statement over and over in my mind to allow myself to open up to the feeling of being surrounded by God’s Love. Gradually I felt myself soften, relaxing into the comfort of Love. In Love there is no conflict, only unity. My heart fills with joy as I feel the gentleness of God’s Love. I am at peace as I rest in the stillness of God’s Love.

His Love overflows in me and I am inspired to embrace all with that Love. There is nothing else I would rather do. There is nothing else that has any meaning. The Love in my heart reaches out and surrounds all that I see. And only Love returns to me. Thus I see the radiant face of Christ everywhere. And yet this joyous feeling that overflows my heart is but a hint of the Heaven God created as my Home.

Holy Spirit, help me to open my heart more to the Love that surrounds me with its stillness, its gentleness and its safety. Help me to look past all illusions as I forgive the dream and accept the reality of God’s gift of Love.

As I work with this lesson, I am led to look at all the substitutes I have made for God’s Love. What illusions do I still crave to cling to? What illusions do I still think would bring me happiness? Today my practice is to mindfully look at the illusions I am still making real in my mind and hand them over to the Holy Spirit to be translated into truth.

That is what forgiveness really means — taking all my illusions to the Holy Spirit to be undone. In today’s lesson, it says, “Today we pass illusions by.” If I am sincerely interested in awakening to my true Identity in the one Christ Mind, I will take this seriously. I will look at the places where I am not passing illusions by and recognize that these are barriers to my return to Love.

Holding onto the symbols of separation — special things, special people, special times and places — is not letting illusions go. This happens only in the unforgiving mind. Today I would take one more step towards true forgiveness. Today I would take one more place where I am making illusions real to the Holy Spirit to receive a transformed perception.

Today I would practice forgiving illusions. In reality they are representative of an unconscious grievance against God.

God is. Love is. If I hold on to anything else, it is a grievance in my mind. True forgiveness is letting go of these grievances. Today I would practice forgiveness and open to the true happiness of God’s one eternal Love. How can illusions satisfy God’s Son? Today I will practice letting go of trying to make something out of nothing.

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