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“I follow in the way appointed me.”

Do I want lasting happiness that does not come and go? Do I really want peace of mind? Then I will be willing to let go of my false ideas. I will remember that on my own I do not know what anything means. I will be willing to step back and open to the Source within That knows the difference between what is real and what is not real.

I have been blinded by choosing illusions of separation. I need the help of the Holy Spirit to return my mind to peace. I need to be quiet and listen. What I receive from my constant Companion will be perfect. It will come in a form that bridges me from where I think I am to an awakening to my true Identity. Then I will realize that I never left Heaven. Dreaming dreams of separation on a distant shore does not make reality. Everyone in this dream world of separation is still as God created them. They are still one in perfect Love. And this can never change.

The belief in separation and the guilt that came with it made images that put terror in the heart of the dreamer. Now is the time to open to the reality that these dreams never happened, even though they appear very real. Now as we look through the body’s eyes, we recognize that what we are seeing comes from the thought of separation projected outward and separation could never be true.

Gradually we stop being fooled by these false images of separation. With Holy Spirit’s help we gradually learn to see with the inner vision of Christ instead of believing what the body’s eyes show us. With Christ’s vision, we see beyond the body. We see the formless Spirit of Love That has never changed behind the illusions of separate bodies. Gradually we learn to focus on the truth instead of the ego’s lies of separation.

Stepping back and listening to Holy Spirit’s correction of my perception is how I find the way that is appointed me. It is how I am able to remember the truth. It is how I will be led to an awareness of the one Christ Mind. I would follow. I would not lead. I trust that the Holy Spirit knows the way for me and will guide me Home as I let Him.

When the Course says, “This is a required Course,” it is saying that we all must forgive the illusion of separation, let it go. That is the way appointed us if we would return to full awareness of the Heaven we never left in truth.

Forgiveness is our vocation. As we learn to dedicate every moment to taking every thought to the Holy Spirit for His clarification, we will join with His thought system more and more. The idea of individuality and independence becomes less and less appealing. The ego treasures independence and tries to make it look like it is independence that gives us worth. It does not tell us that to have independence we must deny the Source of all strength, all value and all Love.

The Holy Spirit shows us that our happiness and our strength come from our unity with each other in God’s Love. And so the way appointed to me today is to bring my thoughts to the Holy Spirit and let Him teach me of my unity with Love. Let Him teach me of the innocence and loveliness of my brother, who is one with me. Let Him teach me what is valuable and what is valueless. Thus will I follow in the way appointed me.

Individuality is becoming less and less appealing to me and the fact that I realize this is truly a miracle. Today, I look for miracles in my life and when I choose to follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I am able to see them. Today I realize they were always there, but I was so into myself alone, that I never allowed myself to experience them. Today I choose to follow the way of my Father; it’s the only way to go.

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