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“I need but call and You will answer me.”

With this lesson, it helps me to remember that God is Love and nothing else. So the title can be read, “I need but call and Love will answer me.” In this world, God seems to be distant. This is because the world was made to keep God out. This world is the effect of the denial of God. Because the denial of God is the denial of Love, the ego had to make a substitute that would seem at least to temporarily satisfy so that we would not go searching to try to find the Love we seem to have lost. This substitute is specialness.

Because this world is the effect of the denial of Love, there is an underlying emptiness that we feel. It is because we are denying our Self. And so we spend our lives searching for Love. But when we follow the ego’s direction, it can only direct us to its substitute for love — specialness.

The ego does not know how to find Love, because separation cannot conceive of the unity of Love. And so as long as we follow the ego’s dictates, we search endlessly for substitutes that never satisfy. This fits the ego’s credo of seek and do not find. This lesson is telling us that this need not be.

Instead of looking to the ego and its substitutes for Love, if we call upon Love, Love will answer. To do this we must learn to disregard the ego’s thought system. How do we call upon Love? We call upon the Holy Spirit in our minds, which is the link between Love, and the identity we think we are in this dream. We bring all our judgments, which stand as a barrier against Love, to the Holy Spirit. This is how we forgive and this is how we open our minds to Love’s Answer.

Today I will call upon Love by continuing to practice bringing my thoughts of fear, guilt and separation to the Holy Spirit. I will practice returning to the peace of God within me so that I may listen with an open mind to Love’s Answer. Thus will I experience the truth of God’s promise. Each time I have a moment of peace, a moment of release from guilt, my conviction of the reality of Love’s promise grows stronger. My heart is filled with gratitude to Love’s Answer in my mind that assures me of Its eternal presence and unity with me. I am learning the truth that, “I need but call and You will answer me.”

Conviction comes with practice. Conviction comes with being willing to quiet my mind and open up to receiving God’s peace. With God’s peace, comes understanding, for with one comes the other.

The Holy Spirit knows how to heal my mind of all its false ideas. The Holy Spirit has every answer that I need, for the Holy Spirit is the Answer. The Holy Spirit will bridge me from where I think I am to the awareness of my true Identity as Love. I need but follow. I need but be receptive with an open mind. The Holy Spirit answers in a form which will be most helpful in the moment.

The more I practice opening to the Holy Spirit’s answer, the more my conviction grows that this really works. As my conviction grows it leads to certainty.

How often I accept Holy Spirit’s help is determined by my willingness. And each time I accept Holy Spirit’s help, it paves the way to even greater understanding. It paves the way to building an even stronger habit of generalizing it to every part of my life where I do not yet feel peaceful. As I practice, I will learn the truth of the statement, “To every apprehension, every care and every form of suffering: I will forgive and this will disappear.” (W-pI.193.13:3-4)

As I continue this practice of opening to the Holy Spirit with every concern, my faith in the Holy Spirit strengthens, day-by-day. My willingness to be consistent grows with continued practice. I see that the Holy Spirit is right there, willing to tell me how I can be truly helpful with every situation. I need but call and the Holy Spirit will answer me.

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