A Course in Miracles Lesson Insights

To gain the most from A Course in Miracles Lesson Insights, we recommend
that you read the corresponding lesson in the Workbook of the Second or
Third Edition of A Course in Miracles published by the Foundation for Inner Peace.

“This holy instant would I give to You.
Be You in charge. For I would follow You,
Certain that Your direction gives me peace.”

The Holy Spirit is always certain, having but one purpose, one goal. Being able to see all effects of everything in this world, He knows what is truly helpful in every situation. I surely cannot say that of myself alone and I don’t seem to share His certainty. Because the Holy Spirit is ever present in my mind, my uncertainty can only be because of my unwillingness to consistently follow His direction. His certainty is there for me to claim. It is my uncertainty about whether I really want His direction that leaves me in confusion and conflict.

The undoing of my resistance, of my unwillingness, is a gradual process. The Holy Spirit is patient with me, knowing the inevitability of my return Home. He understands that too sudden a shift in my values would bring terror rather than peace to my conflicted mind. And so He walks with me and works with me gently and compassionately, helping me to see where my values are misplaced. He helps me recognize illusions for what they are. He helps me see they have no value and offer me nothing that can content me.

As I let go of these misplaced values, I become more and more willing to follow His direction. With this increasing willingness, my certainty grows. Confusion and conflict diminish, replaced by certainty and contentment. These gifts He offers me eternally. He offers me nothing that is temporary, for He would not deceive the Son of God, Who is worthy only of the eternal.

I give thanks today that I have the means to return to the certainty and unity of Love, my Source.

Today I give to having a quiet and open mind. I give today to the Holy Spirit that He would be my constant Companion and inner Friend. He knows how to decide for me. He knows how to straighten my mind. I have forgotten my Self in illusions. I need the help of my constant Companion and Guide.

Holy Spirit, I open my mind to You today to receive Your comforting touch. Your healing touch of Love and peace and joy heals my mind of false values and gently guides me Home, where I belong. I am eternally safe with You. There is no fear too big for You to handle. By making You my constant Companion, I learn of and remember eternity at last. “This holy instant would I give to you.”

There are no words to express my gratitude for the Course and for the awareness that I have allowed myself to receive as a result of practicing what the Course teaches. It wasn’t until I made a commitment to practice the lessons, though, that I began to open myself to receive awareness of truth. Before then, the Course didn’t make a lot of sense to me.

I can’t explain it, but, the more I think I know, the more I realize how much I don’t know. And it’s only because of these lessons and my commitment to finding the truth about myself and my purpose in life, that I am learning to train my mind to stop the vicious cycle of insanity.

I’m learning to request the guidance of my Holy Companion in all I do; any conversations I have, any movies I watch, any books I read, and, of course, at the start of my day. Though many times, as the day goes on I forget the truth, practicing these lessons has helped me stop and step back. In this place of stepping back I make no judgment, but instead ask the Holy Spirit to take charge.

I surrender my thoughts to Him and, like this lesson says, if I need a word or a thought to help me, He gives it to me. Sometimes I don’t hear anything and that’s fine too, because stillness is better than judging. When I judge, I lose my peace. He never fails to send me some kind of message — not when He’s ready to send it to me, but when I’m ready to receive it.

I, personally, will start the lessons over again from the beginning because, as I grow spiritually, I see things from a different perspective and that’s exciting to me. I believe the promises of the Course are becoming more real for me and I look forward to continuing my journey of awakening, remembering that we are all joined as one.

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