A Course in Miracles Lesson Insights

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“My holiness blesses the world.”

This lesson reminds me of the greeting, Namaste, which means the Christ in me sees the Christ in you. My job today is to see the Christ beyond the form, to see the holiness that is everywhere. This holiness is seen through the Christ mind. This holiness sees only oneness. This holiness recognizes the eternal truth, which is beyond time and space. As I practice through the day remembering holiness, or wholeness, I am brought to remember we are one Son, one Light, and there is no distance between us. My function here is to remove the barriers to remembering this. Remembering this is a blessing to the world and to myself, which are one.

In truth, my holiness is always blessing all that is. If I’m not aware of this, it is because I have separated myself from my Self. To me this exercise is about remembering what has always been true. As I remember this, I bring this awareness to everything I see. And in that vision I support everyone in holding that vision. That is my job here. Another way of saying it is my job is to awaken and to see everyone awaken.

So this practice is a way of reminding me What I am, that I am Love and nothing else and only Love is real. I cannot do this if I focus on what bodies do, what they say, how they behave. It is not what bodies do that determines their holiness. Everyone is holy, because that is how God created them. If I don’t see myself as holy or anyone else as holy, I am not seeing them as God created them.

True to the Course, this lesson is guiding me back to awareness of my true Identity. As I can see It in myself, I will see It everywhere, for that is the law of perception. When I see it without exception, I will have prepared myself to accept my Self as God created me and return Home to the Heart of God. My holiness blesses the world because God’s holiness blesses the world. They are the same.

Today I relax. I release another shroud of need to measure up to my unholy standards. I let myself be touched by the gentle, loving essence of my true state of Being, my holiness. Today I devote myself to feeling the support, to being intimate with it. And I rejoice that this gift to myself, relaxing in holiness, is a gift to everyone.

My holiness blesses the world. I saw a picture as I repeated this to myself in meditation. As I turn to one of my brothers and say in my mind to him, “My holiness blesses you,” the light in my brother’s mind ignites and is a full flame. In turn, my brother turns to another and as he blesses him, this mind is also filled with Divine Light. This is a never-ending chain of Divine Light and Love that continues to fan out and spread through each mind within the one Mind. This Light of Love leads the way Home. As I bless my brother and myself, we bless the world.

I remember as a young woman sitting at my bedroom window looking at the moonlight on the waves, seeing the beauty that I felt was God’s gift. And I wished that I had a magic wand that I could use to sprinkle Love dust on people, and lo and behold, here it is. My holiness blesses the world.

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