A Course in Miracles Lesson Insights

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that you read the corresponding lesson in the Workbook of the Second or
Third Edition of A Course in Miracles published by the Foundation for Inner Peace.

“God is my Source. I cannot see apart from Him.”

The Course makes it clear that God is Love and nothing else. In the introduction to the Text, it says that only Love is real. Thus, nothing else exists. Since only Love is real, Love is one. There can be no other. It helps me to rephrase this lesson by saying, “Love is my Source. I cannot see apart from Love.” To me a key word in this lesson is “apart.” If only Love is real, there is nothing apart from Love. And since Love is my Source, there is nothing apart from me. If I see anything that is not part of me, then I am not seeing it truly. I cannot see apart from Love because nothing is apart.

This lesson is helping me open my mind first to recognize that the seeing I have called seeing is not really seeing anything. When I look at something through the body’s eyes and believe it, rarely do I perceive it as part of me. Second, this lesson is helping me to remember to open to receive Holy Spirit’s meaning. Holy Spirit’s meaning will show me my unity with all that is. That is what will prepare me for knowledge.

My habitual way of seeing or perceiving involves at the very least, labeling and categorizing. That shape I’m looking at is a table. Hidden beneath that label are all kinds of meanings based on my history with tables. Maybe I associate it with security, a place I could hide under when I was a child. Maybe it reminds me of anger, because of arguments that occurred around the table when I was growing up. Maybe it carries the meaning of warmth and affection because of memories of happy family moments around the table, a birthday party for example.

All this I bring unconsciously to all the forms I look upon when I attempt to see without the Holy Spirit’s guidance. This is not seeing clearly. Its really seeing only the past. So when I remind myself that I cannot see apart from Love, it reminds me not to rely on my own perception and interpretation. It reminds me to step back and let the Holy Spirit give His meaning to it. With His help, I will see Love and only Love, everywhere, all the time. Here I will find peace.

I feel my ego being confused and resistant to today’s idea. This lesson is saying the ego is not my source. God is my Source. I cannot see apart from Him. My ego shows me nothing but its capriciousness, its pain, its anxiety, its depression, etc., etc., etc. I am truly blessed to have Holy Spirit as my Guide as He takes my hand and leads me to God, to joy, to comfort, to Love and peace. God is the Source and I follow. I cannot see joy apart from Him.

The source of anything is its essence. This means God is my Essence. This means I cannot see apart from my Essence. God only extends Itself. This means what is real about me is a part of God and what is real about everything is a part of God. If I am seeing something other than God, I am not seeing. I am hallucinating something that is not real. Because there is no duality, there is no ‘outside,’ there is no ‘other,’ there is nothing ‘different’ from God or Love. This means that all that is real is Love. This is my mind healing training today. To take this in, to soak in it, to receive it and give it. God is the essence of All. There is no seeing apart from this Essence of Love. Thank goodness only this is true.

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