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“God is the Mind with which I think.”

Many times when I go into meditation, I ask Jesus to help me move through the clouds. If a particular cloud seems to attract me, I ask Jesus to help me see it differently. It happens differently in different situations. Sometimes we talk about it together and I am given a new perspective in how to view the situation. Sometimes I am given insight into what would be most helpful. Sometimes the cloud just seems to disappear. It’s just gone. And then we continue through the clouds. Jesus always leads me to deeper layers of peace.

Sometimes he gives me images where we come to a beautiful, inviting, warm pool of peace and we step in together gradually going deeper, allowing ourselves to feel the presence of God’s peace a little more and then a little more. I find that Jesus or the Holy Spirit is very gentle in leading me into the truth of my Being. Jesus knows that we have all the time we need. He asks a little willingness of me and then he takes over. I have learned to trust his lead. He brings me to deep layers of happiness. All sense of problems disappear. He knows me better than I know myself. I can trust him.

When I get involved in the world of form, I lose all sense of what is eternal, what is real. I need these times of following Jesus. Jesus leads me to the place in my mind where truth resides. It is a place past form and cannot be described. This place in my mind is always there. It never changes. I am nurtured and sustained here. I feel loved and loving in this place. This is what true sharing is. We share one mind. There are no differences. We are one Light. There is no distance between us.

By taking time to rest with Jesus, I can then return to my job in the world being refreshed and reminded of what is real. I can take the peace that I feel with me and practice receiving and extending the peace that is real. I need this practice of diving into that pool of peace often. It brings me the stability and strength. It brings me consistency. It brings me what I need. As I continue on in this “life,” I am so grateful for the help I receive each day and for the pool of peace that is always there to join with each day. There is nothing more important than this. This is real mind healing training, and I need it every day.

This lesson shakes up all of my ideas about the reality of my thoughts. It is telling me all the thoughts that I have thought were real are not real. If God is the Mind with which I think, then the thoughts of that Mind must be holy. They must see only oneness, only innocence and offer only Love. I have to admit that except for momentary flashes of holy instants, my thoughts do not fit this description.

Yet I am assured that my mind is part of God’s. So beneath the thoughts I am aware of are my holy thoughts. Just because I have covered them over with unreal thoughts doesn’t mean that they are not there. It just means I am not aware of them. Lack of awareness is not justification for guilt, although the ego will tell me it is. It just means I need to learn to be aware. That is what these lessons are here to teach me, and I am deeply grateful for them.

I want the peace of God and that peace is found in the thoughts I share with God. I want to reach those thoughts and so I am dedicated to practicing these lessons as much as I can. Each time I encounter resistance, I acknowledge it and step past it and keep on practicing. That is my job, my purpose. I am assured that it is God’s will that I receive His peace and so it is inevitable that I will succeed. Thank you God.

I continue to see the depths of my guilt. I see all the horrible things that I can imagine happening to me as another form of punishment that my ego creates to show how bad I am and how much I should be punished. But my real thoughts are in my mind. I would like to find them. And so I sit with this lead ball in my mind and I know that just beyond the cloud is the sunshine and all of the Love and the peace and the clarity and the benevolence of the mind of God. These lessons are very powerful. They bring up all of what’s in the way of thinking with the mind of God. Thank God for the Holy Spirit. He shows us the way. He takes our hand and walks us through the clouds. All we need do is ask.

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