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“My salvation comes from me.”

As I focused on the thought that salvation is in me, and observed the thoughts that passed through my mind, it was easy for me to accept the “blame” for my reactions to my circumstances. It’s easy for me to see that it is my interpretation and my thoughts about anything that caused distress, dissatisfaction or discomfort of any kind. But I also observed that it seemed difficult for me to accept that I could be my own savior, let alone the salvation of the world.

Here I see the effect of the ego’s campaign to convince me of my powerlessness and unworthiness. The ego is perfectly happy for me to accept the blame for my pain. It is not threatened by that. In fact, it sees it as another tool to reinforce guilt. But the ego is threatened to the core by the possibility that I might accept that I have the power in my mind to change my thoughts and free myself from guilt. This is because were I to accept this power as mine, it would be the end of the ego. This is when it is important for me to remember that it is not the little image I have identified with as me that can bring me salvation. It is that image that I need to release myself from.

It is the strength of God in me which is in my true Self that has the power to release me from the limited image I have made. That Self knows Its unity with God, knows it shares Its worth with God. It is to that Self that I must turn. It will guide me with strength and certainty to the memory of what is true. As I learn to identify with and accept the thoughts of my true Self, the Thoughts I share with God, I free myself from the limited and powerless image that is not me. This is my salvation and the salvation of the world. The strength of God is in me. It is hidden only by clouds of false images that have no substance. My belief in those images is all that gives them power over me. But as I take the hand of my true Self and let this Self guide me, I pass through the clouds with ease and recognize that there is no power but the power I share with God. Only Love is real and I am free.

The answer to my whole awakening lies in this lesson. My heart sings as I read these words. The last 5 days I have had the opportunity to practice what is in this lesson and I am here to say that the process works perfectly. If I ever am sad or frustrated, the process of letting this be changed lies in my mind as I am willing to go to the real Source for the answer. It may take me a little “time.” I may have to sleep on it. But when I am willing to take each perceived problem to the Holy Spirit, it works every time. My joy and confidence that every problem is solved by the Holy Spirit is reinforced.

The solution for any problem does not lie outside me. If the Holy Spirit brought the work to be done, the Holy Spirit will show me how it can be done. The Holy Spirit knows time management very well. Nothing can stop Holy Spirit’s plan if I let it. Everything becomes simple. My mind is filled with joy and excitement. The old ideas disappear when the Light gets turned on. If I focus on the clouds, I get clouds. If I focus on letting my true Self lead me past the clouds to the Light, that is what I get.

It’s such a wonderful thing to have the answer right in my own mind. Sometimes it may take me a day to get there, but as soon as I am willing to open to the Light, the Light is there. It is What I am. There is great power in the Light. There is great peace, great comfort, great Love, great joy. This lesson encapsulates the process that heals my mind in every situation. It is so simple. I am glad I have the opportunity to practice it again today. And it is always there right in my mind as I am willing to go to that place in my mind and let my mind be healed.

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