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“Let miracles replace all grievances.”

This lesson helps me recognize that every person’s behavior, every person’s individual identity is not what they are. When I focus on the individual personality, what it says and what it does, that is holding a grievance. I don’t often think of it as a grievance, but this lesson is helping me see what is really going on. This lesson gives me a process that helps me move into seeing as the Holy Spirit sees. The Holy Spirit always sees the same Source of Light in everyone and everywhere. The Holy Spirit is consistent. Right now I need to learn this consistency with consistent practice.

When I focus on the body and what any body says or does, I am seeing now very clearly that this is a grievance against God. When I do this, I am choosing to join with the ego and forget about God. This does not bring me happiness. It only brings me disappointment and pain.

Today is a very important day of practice. Jesus outlines it very clearly here. My focus today, my lesson today, is to recognize the grievances I am holding as I go through the day, and then let the Holy Spirit help me behold my savior where I once saw a body. The Light of God is always there to see if I am willing to see it. This brings me happiness. This brings me salvation. This helps me rise above the thinking of the world to see the Love that is eternally there behind the sad stories of separate bodies. Today I am willing to practice letting miracles replace all grievances.

As I thought about the person that I was holding grievances against, it became very clear how grievances interfere with my awareness of the truth of this person. I consider this person a friend and yet the grievances that linger in the back of my mind cast a shadow on the friendship. They hide the Light that is really there. Sometimes I choose to see the Light, but I am aware that I have an image of how I believe this person should behave and that I judge that this image is not being met. The effect of this is to make a sense of distance between us. The joy that could be there is hidden. This is not a happy perception. It is this I would let go of.

I want to see the Light in my friend. i want to see the innocence. I want the happiness I feel when I look past the images of what “should” be to be consistent. I want the joy of feeling the link of Love that joins us in the heart of God. I have experienced this and I know the joy that comes with it. I want these experiences not to be periodic moments of clarity that pass as I shift back into listening to the ego’s voice.

I want to consistently share the Holy Spirit’s vision because I want the peace and joy of God. My friend offers me the perfect opportunity to forgive myself for all the thoughts of separation that have kept me from remembering the unity I share with all that is real. I want miracles to replace all grievances.

This lesson asks me to choose one person in my life that I use today as a target to hold my grievances. The lesson also asks that I let this person be a savior unto me today, which my ego not only immediately resists, but feels almost sick at the thought of this idea.

This person is my supervisor, who, in my perception is grouchy, irritating, impatient, and extremely difficult to please. However, since I have been studying the Course I have truly seen miracles in my life and if the Course says this person is my savior then so be it, as I believe anything the Course says. Today I welcome challenges such as these because today I know in my heart my Divine Guidance will walk through any fear I have about changing the way I think, or the way I see, or the way I feel. Today I know my Heavenly Father has not abandoned me, no matter what I think I’ve done and that thought gives me the willingness to try anything.

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