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Review: “Let me recognize the problem so it can be solved.”
and “Let me recognize my problems have been solved.”

This world was made to disguise the source of all problems. It appears that the cause of problems is external to me. And as long as I believe that, they cannot be solved. This supports the ego’s main agenda, which is to seek not find. It seems as though others attack me without me having anything to do with it. It seems as though a virus can give me a cold. All through the day it appears that things happen which I had nothing to do with causing. It is important to the ego that I believe this because as long as I do, I will not accept the solution to all problems and the ego’s “existence” is held in place. Were this true, there would be no resolution to the problems I seem to experience.

But by the grace of God it cannot be true. What God did not create cannot exist. Since God did not create separation, it does not exist. Because God did not create separation, the solution is always present with the belief in separation. God’s Answer is called the Holy Spirit. It is the part of our mind that remembers separation is impossible and therefore problems are also impossible. All the things that seem to happen to me are the effect of believing that separation is real.

The solution is not in trying to control what happens to me. The solution is in letting go of the belief in separation, letting go of the wish to separate from my Identity as Love. This wish is deeply hidden and well forgotten so it does not appear to be the cause of all my ‘problems.’ Yet if I look at what I would experience, were I to accept my oneness with Love as God created me, the wish for separation would disappear and all problems with it.

In the oneness of God, there is only perfect safety, perfect happiness and perfect peace. This state of being is my inheritance. Is it not more appealing than conflict, loss and a constant sense of vulnerability? Today I am willing to recognize the real cause of my problem and accept that it has been solved. I remain safe in the loving Arms of God.

Jesus, help me rise above the battlefield. Help me see as you see. Through the ego’s eyes, things look dark and grim. As I look through your eyes, I see that there is no reason for any grievance. Nothing has happened to the Son of God. He has not changed. He is still the one extension of God. He is still the Light of God.

The ego thought system never could make separation real. I am still one with my brother and Love is still our one Identity. The dream of separate identities has affected nothing. The problem, which was holding a grievance against God, did nothing and was nothing. In the dream the problem may take many different forms, but every problem is the same. It is ultimately a grievance against our one Identity. It is a grievance against Love’s Oneness.

As I forgive, or let go of the grievance, I see that nothing happened. I see that the problem has already been solved. I am in a state of peace and extend peace to every brother. I remember that only Love is real. I remember that what I perceive through the body’s senses is only illusion and these illusions threaten nothing that is real. “Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.” Let me recognize my problems have been solved.

Recently my elderly mother moved in with me and to say the experience has been a challenge is an understatement. Even though I asked my Heavenly Father to give me the opportunity to bond with my Mom and attempt to undo some of the harm, I feel, was done in the past, it’s been extremely difficult to forgive myself, my Mom, the past, and on and on…..

With today’s lesson I am reminded that what God did not create cannot exist. This seeming “problem” is undeniably the ego’s way of keeping me imprisoned; it surfaces as one of the many forms of fear.

As a student of the Course, I sometimes feel I should have “gotten this” by now, but the author of the course knew the ego would never let up on us and that’s why these lessons are so important to me. I actually am grateful for these difficult situations now because it is then when I remember that I don’t have to live the way I used to anymore. Today, I can look to the Holy Spirit and be set free from my illusions.

Holy Spirit, my Divine Guidance, please help me to have the willingness to recognize that this problem and all my problems have been solved. Help me to have faith in myself, in my Mom, in You and in God. Help me see this situation through my Heavenly Father’s eyes and accept it, knowing that His power is with me.

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