A Course in Miracles Lesson Insights

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Third Edition of A Course in Miracles published by the Foundation for Inner Peace.

“I am one Self, united with my Creator.”

Jesus knows that we can’t be aware of our one Self and make illusions real at the same time. We have to let go of one to have the other. In this lesson he guides us to focus on the truth about ourselves and our brothers. To do this, we must let go of our illusions about ourselves and our brothers.

As we allow in the awareness of the truth that we are one Self united with our Creator, we are able to feel our Identity as peace and joy and Love. It fills up our mind and relaxes every concern. We realize that the truth is true and nothing else is true. We realize that only Love matters. We realize that all the craziness of the world is just a reflection of the ego’s madness and it doesn’t matter because it is an illusion.

Behind all the conflict is the truth. Behind all the conflict is the peace of God. Behind all the conflict is our one true Identity. We have never left our Creator. We are one Light and there is no distance between us. This remembering carries a feeling. It is a feeling of safety and joy and peace.

Let me practice opening up to this feeling today. Let me remember the truth. Let me lay all illusions aside. Let me practice this again and again and still again today. I will to be happy. I will to remember the truth that we are one Self, united with our Creator, and nothing else is true.

As I repeat slowly to myself, “I am one Self,” I feel myself moving into deeper and deeper levels of peace. I am one Self. I include more and more in my awareness of What is my one Self. Exclusions and exceptions diminish. I feel more deeply that you and I are one Self, united with our Creator. As I move toward including all and excluding nothing, my experience of peace deepens. Joy grows as gratitude fills my heart. Everywhere I look, I see my one Self. I see past words and behavior and forms of many kinds.

As the Light of my one Self grows stronger and stronger in my awareness, I see that there is no loss in my one Self, for It remains one with my Creator, one with all Love. As I remind myself throughout the day that I am one Self, united with my Creator, I move closer and closer to identifying with the truth of What I am instead of a false image of weakness, fear and guilt. This is my goal today, to remember my one Self.

I am grateful for these practice sessions, which redirect my attention from a false image to the truth about me and everyone. “I am one Self, united with my Creator.”

This morning as I sat down to meditate, I had to stop and complain. I told Spirit, “How could I possibly stop at the top of every hour and close my eyes for five minutes to think of the lesson” I have too much to do! And I don’t feel good if I reach the end of the day without getting my stuff done.” Etc, etc. Oh my.

I think I know so much about how to be happy. I think if my house is clean and the paperwork done that I will be happy. And when I’m at work, I think that if I keep my thoughts focused on the tasks required that I will be happy. I think to please my ego and this ego is my cruel dictator that I have come to think I love.

I need to understand how brainwashed I have become. This lesson tells me the only way I can do this right now is to give five minutes of every hour to remembering how to Think. I will try.

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