A Course in Miracles Lesson Insights

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“I am spirit.”

Each time I say the beginning words of the exercise, I feel uplifted, lighter. Joy and gratitude grow in my heart and a sense of peace envelops me. The truth is I am free of all limits, safe and healed and whole. When I remember this, I see that there is nothing to forgive and I bring that vision of innocence to the world.

That is the salvation of the world. It is the recognition that in truth, nothing was ever lost. What looked like a world of division and harm and loss was just a foolish fantasy that could never be. The world is safe and healed and whole in truth. As I recognize this peace grows stronger in my awareness. Conflict and doubt fade away. There is nothing but Love to give and to receive. The joy of loving fills my being.

I look upon someone that I once held a grievance against and love fills my heart and reaches out, offering it to that dear brother, my Friend, my one Self. No loss ever happened. No harm. All that has ever happened in truth is the extension of Love to Love, forever extending.

In this moment this is what it means to me to say, “I am Spirit.” Thank you Holy Spirit for this loving reminder.

“I am Spirit” returns me to the truth. I am not a body. I am not an individual self with a separate mind. I am Spirit, totally united with all Spirit, one Spirit, one Self. I need to be reminded of this truth often. I need to return to my true Identity as often as possible.

Being lost in dreams leads to nowhere and does nothing. Awakening to the truth is my one goal. There is nothing more important than this. I am Spirit. There is only one Spirit. I rest in the truth of my true nature as God created me. I rest in God. I let illusions go.

It is sometimes so difficult for me to see myself as anything other than this limited body. My goal in committing myself to the teachings of this course is to know my true Self, the Spirit in me this lesson speaks of. I want so desperately to detach myself from this dream of illusions. Even though my ego self can’t imagine what it is like to be Spirit, it is in the quiet minutes of these lessons practiced that I believe I will receive His power, His light, His words.

Help me this day, Holy Spirit, to have the willingness to listen and hear my Heavenly Father’s words for me, the truth about me. Somehow I know this truth is what carries me through these sometimes seemingly difficult days.

I really love this lesson. In fact, I keep the prayer, “Spirit am I…” where I can see it all the time. This morning it is especially appropriate because I am feeling attacked from all sides. What an especially appropriate lesson for me today! One thing I thought about during my meditation this morning has to do with forgiveness. I have a place in my life that I feel needs forgiveness. This morning I was reminded that the only one who needs to forgive this is me. So often I have thought that if only the other person would forgive me, then I could forgive myself.

I realized for the first time that I was, not so much looking for forgiveness, as for someone to project my guilt onto. In other words, I am saying to that other person that I feel so bad because of the way you are seeing me. If you will stop seeing me that way, I can feel forgiven and forgive myself.

Now that I understand my motivation, I think I can let this go and allow Holy Spirit to show me another way to see. I fully accept sole responsibility for my actions and my feelings in this incident. Now that they belong to me, I am free to release them and accept healing.

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