A Course in Miracles Text Made Simple

To gain the most from A Course in Miracles Text Made Simple, we recommend that
you read the corresponding chapter and section in the Text of the Second or
Third Edition of A Course in Miracles published by the Foundation for Inner Peace.

Chapter 10: The Idols of Sickness


Read ACIM Chapter 10, Introduction (page 181)

What is the key to freeing ourselves from the limitations of this world?

The key to freeing ourselves from the limitations of this world is to accept responsibility for everything we experience in our lives. How we respond to everything we perceive is up to us because it is we who interpret everything we see. Yet the interpretation occurs in our minds and we are always free to change our minds about what we believe is true.

By the grace of God we are not free to change what we are, which was established by God. Thus in every moment we make a choice between perceiving illusion or accepting the truth about what we are. Perceiving illusions does not change the truth, it just makes the truth unknown to us. As we learn to listen to the Holy Spirit’s Voice in our mind, He will use time to reawaken our minds to the truth that we remain changeless Love in the changeless Mind of Love. That is the only meaningful purpose for time because that is how we regain eternity.

What is our true relationship with God?

Jesus is being very clear in this introduction to chapter 10 in helping us understand our true relationship with God. He tells us, “God created nothing beside you and nothing beside you exists, for you are part of Him. What except Him can exist? Nothing beyond Him can happen, because nothing except Him is real.” (2:1-3)

How can we make every day a happy day?

As we go through our day today, we can practice remembering that nothing but Love can exist. The Love in everyone is what is real. Nothing but Love can happen. Think about this today as you go through your day, as often as possible. The Love you are is real and eternal and the Love everyone is is real and eternal. This is what we focus on today. This is what we are willing to remember. This is what we extend to every brother and receive from every brother. This is what is eternally true and cannot change.

What a happy day we have in front of us as our one goal is to remember the truth. We would choose how we view the world with the Holy Spirit today. With the Holy Spirit, we learn to see past the ego’s wild imaginings and receive the peace of God. We would see only wholeness because we remember that separation is nothing and nowhere. God does not change His Mind about us and we are willing to receive the truth today.

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