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Chapter 10: The Idols of Sickness

Section I: At Home in God

Read ACIM Chapter 10, Section I: (page 182)

Could God attack His creations?

It is helpful to remember that the Course defines creation as extension of God’s Love. God’s Love, being one, cannot separate and still be Love. By definition, the extension of Love remains connected with Its Source, one with It. That is why it is impossible to attack the Love we extend — our creations. Since we are God’s extension of Love, it is also impossible that He could attack us because He would be attacking Himself. “The law of creation is that you love your creations as yourself, because they are part of you.” (1:3)

As God’s Creation, are we perfectly safe?

All of Love’s extensions, which are what we are, are perfectly safe. Since only Love is real, there can be no reality outside of Love. As we learn to recognize this, we know our perfect safety. We know that God’s Love for us remains changeless, unchangeable and eternal. We know that we are part of God because we are Love’s extension and nothing else. We know our absolute oneness with Love.

If we do not know our absolute oneness with Love, it can only be because we have denied the truth and tried to separate ourselves from our Identity as Love. Since Love is one, trying to be separate does not meet Love’s conditions, so we dream of exile in lovelessness — being separated from the unity of Love.

What does Jesus represent to us?

Jesus represents the part of us that has awakened completely from the dream of separation. He knows that nothing really happened in this dream. He tells us, “You are at home in God, dreaming of exile but perfectly capable of awakening to reality.” (2:1) When we wake up in the reality of Love, we will realize that we were just dreaming of a world of separation and that nothing happened. He compares it to when we wake up from a nighttime dream and realize that nothing happened in the night dream. Because we have chosen separation, we do not remember being awake. We do not remember what it is to extend God’s eternal Love in oneness. Here Jesus reminds us that Love is eternal and therefore is our reality now.

What happens when we desire wholly to extend Love and nothing else?

When we desire wholly to extend Love and nothing else, we will see that both our night and day time dreams are out of accord with our true purpose, our reality as God’s extension of Love. We will have no interest in trying to reconcile these dreams of exile with our reality as Love’s extension because it is clearly impossible. We will want only truth. We will want only to extend Love, which is the Will we share with God. As we want only this, we will know we are at Home in God.

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