A Course in Miracles Text Made Simple

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Third Edition of A Course in Miracles published by the Foundation for Inner Peace.

Chapter 10: The Idols of Sickness

Section II: The Decision to Forget

Read ACIM Chapter 10, Section II (page 183-184)

Why does the decision to forget result in a split mind?

Because of the power of our mind, we can choose to either forget or remember our Identity as part of God. When we forget that we are part of God, we lose awareness of God and all the attributes we share with Him: joy, peace and Love’s oneness. The decision to forget results in a split mind because the one Mind has been rejected. “If you realized the complete havoc this makes of your peace of mind you could not make such an insane decision. You make it only because you still believe it can get you something you want.” (6:1-2)

What happens when we perceive we have severed our connection with Love?

The decision to forget our true Identity as an extension of God’s Love is an attack on ourselves. It is perceived as an attack because we believe we have severed our connection with Love and experience the lack of Love as fear. With this dissociation from our Identity in God comes guilt, which we believe demands punishment. This is why we are afraid and why we fear God. Because of this fear, a world of separate bodies was made to hide from God and His expected vengeance for the attack we believe we made on Him. This world of separate bodies was made to replace God.

Why is forgiveness Love’s reflection in this world?

In this section, Jesus tells us there is another alternative. “Offer the Holy Spirit only your willingness to remember, for He retains the knowledge of God and of yourself for you, waiting for your acceptance.” (2:3) The Holy Spirit brings us the truth or our reality and everyone’s reality. Acceptance of truth is forgiveness. Forgiveness looks past bodies and sees the face of Christ. That is why forgiveness is Love’s reflection in this world.

When we accept the truth from the Holy Spirit, our perception changes. The Holy Spirit helps us look beyond the form to the reality of Love that is present everywhere. When we reach the point where we accept only the Holy Spirit’s perception and nothing else, we have true perception. We have signified our will to remember God and we stand at the gate of Heaven. “God will do His part if you will do yours, and His return in exchange for yours is the exchange of knowledge for perception.” (3:4) All thoughts of separation disappear into the nothingness from which they came when we have wholly accepted truth and knowledge is returned.

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