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Chapter 10: The Idols of Sickness

Section III: The God of Sickness

Read ACIM Chapter 10, Section III (page 184-187)

Why can hate and destruction never be real?

In the previous section we were told that “all attack is self attack.” (5:2) It seemed to indicate that we actually do attack. Now we are reminded that we have not attacked God and we cannot change our reality. However we can make a false image of ourselves that seems to have the ability to attack. If we think the image we have made up is real, we will believe we actually can attack. We think we can be hateful and destructive. But the image we have made is not real, so hate and destruction cannot be real.

According to Jesus, what is salvation?

The fact that we cannot change our reality is the basis of our salvation. We only need to be saved from the mistaken image we have made. Salvation is really simply the letting go of a false image and the acceptance of what has never changed. Idols are simply beliefs. Belief in an image can make us experience the image as real, though it does not change reality at all. The moment we withdraw our belief in the image by recognizing it is untrue, it will no longer seem real to us. Reality will dawn upon our minds because we have removed the false image we made to hide reality.

Why does Jesus need to speak to us at the level we believe we are?

One of the challenges Jesus has in teaching us to recognize truth is that he needs to speak to us at the level we believe we are and lead us beyond that to an awareness that we have blocked from our minds. Frequently the Course will speak as if we actually do attack and separate while it reminds us that this could never occur in truth. It is helpful as we read to remember that we are not the ego. We are not a body. We are not separate. When it speaks to us as if we were separate individuals it is simply speaking to the part of our mind that believes in the false image of being separate. It does not mean that separation could ever be real or could ever have occurred.

For example, in the first sentence of paragraph two, Jesus refers to the “sick children of God.” This is a reference to parts of the Sonship that believe they are separate. Yet in sentence seven, it says no one is sick in reality because in reality no one is separate. We heal the mind of the whole Sonship when we accept that minds are not separate. “Remember that it does not matter where in the Sonship He is accepted. He is always accepted for all, and when your mind receives Him the remembrance of Him awakens throughout the Sonship.” (2:2-3) The Comforter (Holy Spirit) is in every mind, joining all of God’s children together in the awareness of the eternal unity of Love.

Why is it impossible for us to attack or to suffer?

In paragraph three we are reminded that we are only Love and that Love does not attack and cannot suffer. Because we are Love, we are invulnerable. As Love, we do not change because Love is eternal. It is important in our awakening process to let it sink in that we are only Love. Perceiving anything else is simply perceiving a false image of what we are. If we perceive anyone as other than the Love of God, we lose sight of our true Identity as part of God. As we hold the awareness in our minds that everyone we see is part of God and is an extension of His Love and nothing else, we strengthen that awareness in ourselves and thus heal our brothers and ourselves.

Is it true that we are part of God and share all of His power?

Again in paragraph four Jesus reminds us of the truth that we are part of God and share all of His power. The whole purpose of the Course is to help us increase our willingness to accept ourselves as God created us. Part of accomplishing this is to help us see the ego (or belief in individuality) for what it is. It is the denial of all that we are.

The ego offers enticing “gifts” of independence, self-sufficiency and specialness while it hides the cost that accepting these gifts entails. Being independent and different from God’s Love means being separate from His power. That is why, along with thinking we are self-sufficient comes the perception of vulnerability and weakness. Because of this feeling of weakness, the ego feels a need to attack as a defense.

What is the world according to Jesus?

The world is the out picturing of the ego thought system. We see this viciousness played out in nature as animals viciously protect their territories and kill in order to “survive.” Because we have identified with the ego, we feel the same way. We disguise the viciousness with smiles as we mentally judge our brothers. We go to war, saying it is for the good of our country. We proclaim our innocence as we project evil onto others. Yet the guilt that comes with choosing the ego’s independence remains in our split minds, hidden under layers of fear and self-righteousness.

How is our appreciation of God deepened?

As we are willing to remember that everyone is part of God, our appreciation of God and His Creation is deepened. Our appreciation of the truth is enhanced and the false images of the ego lose their appeal and fall away. As our willingness to remember Love expands, we do our part in awakening the Sonship because the Sonship is one. This remembering is what health is because it is the letting go of the god of sickness. The calm knowledge that each one is part of Him brings with it the gift of God’s peace.

Jesus encourages us in when he says, “You could accept peace now for everyone, and offer them perfect freedom from all illusions because you heard His Voice.” (8:2) However, to hear His Voice, we must let go of our desire for independence and specialness. That is why we need to forgive the illusions we think we have made. Our illusions will be unmade for us the instant we signify through forgiveness our willingness to accept only the eternal.

Accepting what we have made as the illusion that it is releases us from fear and guilt because what is nothing cannot be fearful and cannot cause harm. As we accept the Help of the Holy Spirit to see illusions as they truly are, we are brought to an awareness of how to be truly helpful. It is only through being willing to remember Love’s oneness that we find peace and extend peace. The god of sickness that we thought was so attractive is now given up with ease. The god of sickness is recognized as nothing and nowhere. We are left only with great appreciation for everything that God created.

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